As a collector in a massively multiplayer online game, there's nothing
more exciting than learning about rare new items that are coming into
your game in the near future. For fans of href=""
target="_blank">EverQuest and href="" target="_blank">EverQuest
II, you know that every few months a new batch of interesting
"loot" items will be headed your way with the release of each href=""
target="_blank">Legends of Norrath
card set. If you love loot and need to have every new piece, then Ten
Ton Hammer has the sneak preview for you! Thanks to the developers at
SOE Denver, we've scored nine exclusive loot card images from Legends
of Norrath (four pieces from EQ and five from EQII) and you're more
than welcome to check out each item!

  • target="_blank">To see all the new Legends of Norrath loot
    cards, click here!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016