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Kwill of IGN got to interview Chuck Kallenbach, game designer for Legends of Norrath. Kwill wasted no time getting into the juicy details.

Vault: Now that LoN has a full year's cycle of cards with the release of Oathbreaker, completing the story of the scenarios, what kind of retrospective do you have on the year's work? How did your outlook on the game change over the course of the development of LoN? In what ways have you seen the game evolve over the past development cycle? Would you change anything if you could, now that you have finished?

The Oathbound block has set the bar high in terms of story content and quality design for all the different formats of play in LoN. We’ve completed a lot of the plans that were set in motion at the beginning, such as featuring every kind of character class from the EQ MMOs.

I’ve worked on a lot of TCGs, and when you’re starting a new game, you always wonder how much real design space is provided by the game’s basic concepts. You can’t find out the real answer to that question until you have a thousand cards or so. I’m happy to say that four sets down the road, we’re finding lots of new ways to provide challenges and fun for LoN players.

It’s been a wonderful journey so far, but we’re just getting started. Plans are underway for the next block of story for the game, and that includes working on design for Set 5 right now. Actually, the LoN Living Legacy scenario includes some hints about our future. You can check out the Living Legacy scenario for yourself and earn two FREE loot cards for your EQ or EQII character!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016