Build it in-game and at home!

In the push for user-created content, the folks at Lego Universe envision a world where people make their perfect creations in Lego Universe - and then with a quick call the Lego set for their creation is manufactured and brought to them in a week.

The one part of the site that stands out is the creation lab. Users can submit their own Lego designs, stories, and even art to help inspire the development team. The Lego Universe is all about user created content, players sharing their own stories through the Lego medium, and the site is already harnessing a strong community. There's also a new Lego Universe logo, and this post that talks about the process the team undertook including tapping into the user submissions and using them as a synergy to get to the final version.

For more information, please check out the Lego Universe website.


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016