Lineage and Lineage II Halloween Event Details

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Lineage: October 26 – October 31

Halloween in the Lands of Aden, 2006

* The Halloween Event begins Oct 26 and runs until the end of Oct 31
* NOTE: The event begins on Oct 26, 2006 with a variety of event specific monsters spawning throughout the world in random locations. As the event progresses, more monsters of varying types will invade Aden, as well as a variety of "traps" (including poison traps and spike traps!).
* Halloween spawns will reach a crescendo on Tuesday, Oct 31 with a variety of Halloween Event "Boss" monsters.
* Halloween specific items will drop from a variety of NPCs, such as candies and pumpkins. The candies will all have a random effect.
* Bronze, silver, and gold pumpkins can be "opened" for a special prize! (Silver are better than bronze, gold are better than silver).
* Several restricted or limited "costumes" or polymorph options will be available, such as the Vampire morph.

Lineage II: October 24 – November 7

Omega, a skilled and experienced fighter, has been captured by the leader of an undead legion of warriors. The leader of the undead has demanded a ransom for the return of Omega, and Omega's faithful servant has traveled to the villages of Aden and Elmore to gain support for the return of her master.

Coffer of Shadows

For a fee of 50,000 adena, you can purchase a Coffer of Shadows from Omega's Cat. These mysterious containers can reveal Demon Horns or the Mask of Spirits, special head accessory items from the netherworld. The coffer might also reveal a Mystery Potion, Firecrackers, or a Large Firecracker. Extremely lucky adventurers might also find a stage 11 or 12 Soul Crystal inside. Good luck!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016