Mabinogi players will be treated to some new content in the form of Shadow Missions with the game's Alchemist content update. These new Shadow Missions take place in a dungeon with a number of objectives and scale based on the player's level to ensure an appropriate challenge. Each mission will offer different rewards based on the players level. Shadow Missions can be obtained from the mission board and then by heading over to Stonehenge to enter the Shadow Realm. A short preview has been posted on the Mabinogi website of the new Shadow Missions content and you can view it here.

The barrier between the Shadow Realm and Erinn has been breached. Now hordes of dark warriors threaten to wash into Erinn, sowing death and destruction in their wake. Taillteann, the lone bastion that guards Erinn from this new threat, beckons brave alchemists, soldiers, and magicians to make a stand against the Shadow Realm. Do you have what it takes to battle against the unrelenting legions of the Shadow Realm?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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