Mastering Palworld: A Guide to Conquering All Boss Towers

Introduction to Boss Towers Palworld presents a series of elite challenges in the form of boss towers, scattered across the game's expansive map. These formidable opponents test your skills and strategy, demanding a well-thought-out approach.

Strategic Approach to Boss Encounters

  • Boss towers are strategically placed and should be tackled in a specific order.
  • Engaging a boss triggers a cutscene, followed by a timed battle against an elite trainer and their Pal.
  • Select Pals with elemental advantages over the bosses.
  • Each boss tower has unique climate conditions, necessitating appropriate armor.

Detailed Boss Tower Locations and Strategies

  1. Tower of Rayne Syndicate

    • Coordinates: 110, -431
    • Climate: Temperate
    • Bosses: Zoe and Grizzbolt (Electric type, weak against Ground and Ice)
  2. Free Pal Alliance Tower

    • Coordinates: 184, 27
    • Climate: Cold
    • Bosses: Lily and Lyleen (Grass type, weak against Fire)
  3. Eternal Pyre Tower

    • Coordinates: -584, -514
    • Climate: Hot
    • Bosses: Axel and Orserk (Electric and Dragon type, weak against Ground and Ice)
  4. Tower of the PIDF

    • Coordinates: 558, 338
    • Climate: Hot
    • Bosses: Marcus and Faleris (Fire type, weak against Water)
  5. PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower

    • Coordinates: -150, 440
    • Climate: Cold
    • Bosses: Victor and Shadowbeak (Dark type, weak against Dragon)

Catching Pals in Boss Towers While normally impossible to catch Pals in boss towers, an exploit in the early access version allows for this. By engaging guards in a settlement and then fast traveling to a boss tower, players can glitch NPCs into the battle and capture elite Pals.

Conclusion This guide provides a roadmap to conquering the boss towers in Palworld. With the right strategy and preparation, these challenges become thrilling milestones in your gaming journey.

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Last Updated: Jan 30, 2024