Mired Down

by: Tony "RadarX"

One of Tabula Rasa’s unique features is the ability to clone, which allows any player a chance to reinvent themselves or create some more playable alts. One of the ways to earn clone credits is by completing the epic Targets of Opportunities missions in each zone.

The Torden Mires Targets of Opportunity mission begins with Commander Tumilson just outside the tunnel from Torden Incline. This mission consists of 9 objectives. Each objective completed will award you with a different title, and gets you one stop closer to earning another clone token. A special note concerning Mires: Unlike other zones, this TOO will require certain missions to complete objectives, so grab it first thing when you start the area. We’ve got the list of all 9 requirements, and what you need to know to complete them.

Mires Exterminator: Kill 20 Barb Ticks - These are a little tricky to find. The easiest way to get them is completing the Tick, Tick, Tick mission from Fort Haroun. Destroying the machinery at 340, 266, -280 will spawn a number of them. They will spawn whether you are on the mission or not though at this time.

Mires Manta Hunter: Kill 10 Beam Manta Beam Manta also aren't very plentiful in the Torden Mires. Fortunately for you they can be found in the same area as the Barb Ticks around 340, 266, -280. They only spawn two at a time but respawn fairly quickly so it shouldn't take too long to complete this objective. Remember they are immune to electric damage.

Divide Assassin: Kill 7 Mires Bane Officers You will need to locate and take out 7 named Bane found in various areas around. Mires, but these 5 are the required kills.

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Phost'Bennon! How Do You
Spell That?

  • Dedarrlik: This creature is a part of the Take Better Care mission where you are sent to destroy some medical containers. near the Tahrendra Base which will spawn him. This is currently bugged and is holding up some TOO missions.
  • Honjerhy: A Bane who roams the bridge outside Fluxite Mines around -384, 661. He usually has 2 henchmen with him but isn't difficult.
  • Ista Keever: This Bane spawns west of the Energy Weapons Center around -490, 139 near a crashed AFS drop ship.
  • Rendobar: This Predator is part of the Bane Ace mission and patrols south of the Fluxite mines near -521, 437.
  • Phost'Bennon: This Lightbender spawns among a few Kael and a ton of Bane Sharpshooters just outside the entrance to the Energy Weapons Center near -278, 114.
  • Thorvax: This Bane spawns just outside the northern exit of Bailey's Blunder near -702, 332 near the Logos altar.
  • Vilescorn: This Caretaker spawns randomly outside the teleporter entrance to Tahrendra Base near -807, 264, 89.

Mires Scavenger: Kill 30 Thrax Scavengers Fortunately Thrax Scavengers can be found in various places all over the Mires. The patrols near the Orsa Garrison or inside the Brann LZ will provide ample targets to complete these objective. They may also spawn at Iapyx but be warned the Bane who assault this facility (what seems every 5 minutes) are significantly higher level than what you see in the rest of Mires.

Mire Extinguisher: Kill 10 Flaregashers These flaming zombie dogs are a little difficult to locate in Mires. The ones we found we're just on the eastern side of the Iapyx control point and around level 34 so bring your fireproof gear.

Mires Explorer. There are a lot of them here in Mires. You’ll see a few on the map that appear close together, but as you try to run between them, you’ll find they’re not quite as close as you think whether obscured by terrain or inside tunnels. Note that the requirement is for all AFS waypoints; you are not required to acquire the Bane controlled CPs. Here is the list of waypoints and their general locations.

  • Baylor Base at -646, -504
  • Brann LZ at 20, -657.9
  • Quicksilver Outpost at -570, -224
  • Checkpoint 17 at -112, -235 (Hostile area)
  • Tahrendra Watch at -752, 188
  • Bailey's Blunder at -590, 192
  • Iapyx Control Point at 536, -533
  • Fort Haroun at 619, 331
  • Outpost Condor Medical Tent at 218, 735

Mires Veteran: Complete all missions on Divide. This is a big one. There are a ton of missions to do while traveling through this map. See the guide for Torden Mires for a listing of the major areas but rest assured you'll need to do all the missions in Baylor Base, Fort Haroun, and Outpost Condor Medical Tent.

Mires Operative: Complete all Story Arcs in the Instances. As in most other zones there are 3 instances in Torden Mires which you'll need to complete. The Bane Fluxite Mines sits in the far north and will have you assautling a mining operation. The Energy Weapons Center is northwest of Orsa and is a quick instance destroying a weapon factory. Tahrendra Base is a more lengthy prison and sits atop a lake of lava in the west. Complete all the missions in these instances to get this title.

Mires Logos Masters: Collect all Mires Logos. You'll need to collect all the Logos which we've got listed below.

Symbol Name Area of Wilderness Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Destruction Northwest of the Orsa Garrison -327.5, 187.3
Effect West of Fort Hauron among the Stalkers and Striders 103.4, 323.4
Location Northwest of Baylor's Folly just outside the entrance of the tunnels near a named Bane. -720.1, 535.8
Many West of Checkpoint 17 -312.9, 201.2
Of Southwest of the Outpost Condor Medical Tent 32, 666.4
On North of the Iapyx Control Point near the lava flows 435.1, 23.6
Neph Inside the Fluxite Mines in the Northern section 280, 560
Return Inside the Orsa Garrison -179.4, 81.2
Spirit Outside the Brann LZ northwest side -104.1, -400.5
Will Be West of Checkpoint 17 -339.2, -304.5
Will Not South end of the zone, hug right wall when leaving Baylor Base -404.5, -655.2


Mires Veteran: Complete all Targets of Opportunity. After completing all 9 Targets of Opportunity, return to Commander Tumilson for your reward of a nice chunk of experience and another clone credit!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016