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The festivities of the holiday season continue on a joyous pace, both in the real world and in the online world. From snowball fights to ice skating, MMOs celebrate the season with holiday events that could warm the heart of even the meanest grinch. Ten Ton Hammer wishes to help all MMO gamers get the most out of this festive season, and we've already highlighted some of the holiday events currently taking place in part one of our guide. So we're taking a break from our eggnong quaffing contest (which always seems to end badly) to offer this second installment of our roundup of various MMOs' holiday events.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft's holiday event, the Feast of Winter Veil, has returned once again to Azeroth and lasts until January 2nd. Greatfather Winter is spreading holiday cheer in the major cities. Players can engage in snowball fights by interacting with snowdrifts in various locations. There are several holiday-themed quest lines available, including one to defeat the Greench. Winter hats can be picked up as loot drops from random humanoid mobs or from heroic bosses in specific instances. Players can transform their appearance to a gnome by using the Winter Wondervolt Machine found outside major cities.

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Pucker up! You can get mistltoe or snowflakes by kissing revelers. Jinglepocket Goblins can be found selling seasonal ware, such as gingerbread cookie recipes, candy canes, and Grandfather's Winter ale. If you want to look festive while traveling, you can transform your mount into a reindeer using fresh holly. Best of all, there are presents that you can pick up from under the tree starting on Christmas. For a full description of this event, including achievements and tips, read our The Feast of Winter Veil Guide.


The holidays come to RaiderZ in a number of ways. Players can collect Christmas cards and turn them in for winter gear. You can also get special buffs for getting your fortune told by the Old Fortune Teller. Players can also have their appearance transformed to a Santa suit so you can feel extra jolly while slaying monsters. There are also two new reindeer mounts, Ruker and Winker, for players to get.

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RaiderZ's holiday event also includes some action. Players can fight against the Ice Queen by entering the Ice World instance to do battle. In addition, the port city of Ingen is being invaded by snowmen and the players can turn the tide by using snowballs.

Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the Rings Online celebrates the holidays with the Yule Festival, which lasts until January 1st. Frostbluff serves as the main hub of the holiday event, with other events taking place at various locales such as the Festival Grounds in Bree-Land or Thorin's Hall in Ered Luin. There are loads of activities for players to partake in. Players can learn new racial dances by completing dance lessons. If drinking is your game, The Inn League and The Ale Association are looking for you.

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The Yule Festival features loads of quests and deeds available for players to undertake. If you feel the need to look stylish, there is seasonal cosmetic clothing available that you can trade festival tokens for. Players can also buy seasonal consumables, such as frosty beverages, and special mounts. Best of all, players can add holiday cheer to their player housing with seasonal housing decorations. Even dwarves have so much fun at the Yule Festival that their beards come unbraided!

Dungeons and Dragons Online

Festivult returns to Dungeons and Dragons Online and lasts through January 13th. Players can earn festival coins that are dropped from random chests. These coins can then be turned in to the Jester of Festivult for various rewards, normally cookies and cakes that provide a buff.

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Coming sometime in January to DDO are the Risia Ice Games and the Cormyrian Midwinter Festival. Both of these events feature ice-themed challenges. The Risia Ice Games take place in Stormreach. There, players earn coins by doing the Harbor Ski Jump and the Bogwater Half Pipe. The coins are turned in for rewards such as scrolls and potions, or motes of winter, which are used in crafting to add icy effects to items. The Cormyrian Midwinter Festival takes place in Eveningstar and there the player can ice skate the course found on the frozen river encircling the town. Players earn points by collecting snowflakes, which are then converted to motes. You can then turn the motes in for potions, cookies, a polar bear cub companion, and icy upgrades to your items.

Warhammer Online

Warhammer Online celebrates the season in its own indomitable style - Keg End. WAR's holiday event centers around every dwarf's favorite pastime, drinking! This time each year, the dwarves empty their stockpiles of ale and beer by drinking them so as to make room for fresher, stronger brews. Players have a variety of tasks they can undertake during this live event that lasts until January 4th. Players can kill giants, destroy a good number of enemy players, launch fireworks from keeps or battlefield objectives, toast allies, boast to enemy players, drink lots of dwarf beer, drink from party kegs, and drink from cauldrons found in feast halls in the capital cities. (Did I mention there would be lots of drinking?)

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Rewards for completing these tasks range from in-game titles to the party keg (player deploys a keg that allies can use to boost morale) to items with career-specific stats. Keep an eye out for the rare Battlebrew Backpack, and there is one for each tier. My absolute favorite is the other rare world drop item - your own personal keg-toting minion! Order gets the Dwarf Keg Handler while Destruction gets the Goblin Bar-Back. Simply priceless.

The holiday season is alive and well online and every MMO has their own unique take upon it. From the drinking fest of Warhammer Online to the dancing lessons to Lord of the Rings Online, each MMO celebrates the Christmas season with loads of quests, events, and seasonal gear. Take the time to enjoy them as they won't be along for long. So put down that sword and make some snowmen and chug some hot cider.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016