Undead Labs has added a new game designer to their yet to be named zombie MMOG roster with Richard Foge, former senior designer for the SOCOM franchise and the combat designer for God of War. And Foge isn't holding back in his first blog post for Undead Labs stating that current MMOGs are "barely even games." Foge explains in his blog that he believes MMOGs should be able to compete with the best triple A games on the market.

I believe that MMOs can and should compete with the best triple-A games. And I believe consoles are the perfect place for MMOs to make this stand.

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style="font-style: italic;">Can Undead Labs pull off Foge's high hopes and ambitions for the game?

While Foge lays out some noble notions of how MMOGs could evolve to embody similar aspects of console action games, the nature of MMOGs themselves makes that a difficult task and the technology to make it happen just hasn't been there. That is what Undead Labs is hoping to change. Foge would like to see reactionary combat that is more player influenced than back-end math and spreadsheets with more guild goals than simply getting that next piece of loot.

How about some actual guild goals? Not, “We’re doing this raid to get our healer caught up on gear,” but instead, “We’re going to raid the power plant because if we clear it out we can get power to our community and get our communications network online.”

The ability to create a persistent world on a console and give players the ability to have a true action game is certainly an epic challenge that no other MMOG developer has managed to accomplish. Can Undead Labs pull it off? Richard Foge certainly seems to think so. Tell us what you think.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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