Mortal Online has been struggling with performance and stability issues since its launch in June last year. But the team over at Star Vault have been working to make improvements and in the game's latest newsletter, the team announced that it has resolved the last of the stability issues with the core engine and set a new up-time record with 50+ hours before a manual restart. But the juicier news the letter revealed comes in the form of the game's very first expansion titled Dawn.

Dawn will be free to Mortal Online subscribers and will introduce a host of new content, including a new Mount and Gene system, which will be part of the upcoming breeding system, allowing players to make each mount in the game unique and even allow for further customization of mounts by breeding them and utilizing the traits of the previous generation. The expansion will also add a new cooking profession; attribute reserves for hunger and sleep, more fish for fishing and several other changes.

Dawn is scheduled to release later this month.

Source: Mortal Online Dawn Expansion Page

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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