Most Popular Slots Played In 2021 So Far 

Slot games are continuously developed and made to evolve to suit the times and trends. That is the reason as to why slot games never get left on the backburner and always stay on the top of our ‘to play list’. When it comes to narrowing down the top slot games of the now, you will be happy to know that we have done exactly that for you. We have lined up the top games that have shown consistent patterns across the casino realm to pop up in the most played genre. So, if you are feeling a little bit left behind, or do not know where to start with your slot journey for 2021, look no further than what we have lined up for you here.

If you are particularly interested in checking out some live casino games instead, we have also got you covered, you can find the best live casinos online here, to take your pick from too. That’s your casino agenda pretty much sorted for the foreseeable, isn't it? 

Goblin’s Cave 

Starting off first with Goblin’s Cave, this slot is brought to you by the pioneers Playtech themselves. You will find that it does kind of resemble the Gringotts we have seen in the Harry Potter series too, which is quite funny to see. Goblins are after all known for their clinginess to gold and treasure, so it makes perfect sense to make a slot game theme entirely evolved around it. 

The aim here is to simply retrieve as much gold as you can, by making matching gold combinations within your reels. Of course, being that it is a 3-reel classic slot, making some combinations should not be so difficult to get the hang of. You are able to make bets of up to €1500, and each time you make a winning combination, it supposedly increases your likelihood of getting the special feature included within the game. More features, means more chances of making those winnings.


It is definitely not surprising to see this game as one of the most played in 2021. Starburst is a classic and will forever remain on everyone’s to play list, even if they have a million times before. Derived from the simplest of themes, the classic galactic take and gem symbols, it's like a galactic candy crush in essence. While we are all for complex and sophisticated slot games that have a tale to tell, sometimes simple and organic does the trick when it comes to sufficing our slot needs. NetEnt certainly did not disappoint when it came to making this one, and we see this always featuring in the ‘top played games’ for the foreseeable, as it just is that kind of game really. So, there is no saying goodbye to this one at all.

Sunrise Reels

Another classical slot game for you, we have the Sunrise Reels. This game is made up of 5 paylines, making it super easy to get on board with, whatever the proficiency level you are as a slot player. With a charming sunset as its backdrop, it is certainly very pretty and appealing to look at when you try to first handedly nab the 12,000-credit jackpot that is possible from this game. Even if it is seen as simple initially to most players, being on the top of the list of played slot games, certainly speaks volumes to the quality it provides, right?

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is the game that echoes through the gambling community. Why? You know why! It is a game that has made a very lucky few millionaires overnight. While Microgaming completely knocked the ball out of the park when creating this one, every time a jackpot is won and advertised in the media, it just gets even more press and buzz from within the gambling community. Every single day, we see new players join the hype and wish it was them that can luckily land at least a €1 million jackpot. 

Based on the Plains of Africa, the theme includes all the animals that make up the ecosystem, from the elephants, ghazel, lions, giraffes and so on. Colourful and in essence pretty simple to play there are four jackpots you have a chance of claiming for yourself: Mini, Minor, Major and Mega. Could you be the lucky next player to nab the headlines of a huge prize sum? 

Immortal Romance 

Here we have another Microgaming slot for you to blood lust after. A vampire themed slot, it is said that the plot of the game is the in-betweens of Twilight and the Vampire Diaries. So, if those hit the checklist for you, you should definitely jump on the bandwagon of this slot title. Other sequels have been released since, yet funnily enough it was the original that always remained in the limelight of the gambling community. If you don't sleep, and are looking for some nocturnal dramas of your own, take this slot for a spin.

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Last Updated: May 28, 2021