War of the Spark is the next expansion for Magic the Gathering.    It continues the storyline of Nicol Bolas and expands on the last two expansions; Guilds of Ravnica and Ravnica Allegiance. 

The bad guys are coming and the good guys are bracing for impact.  Who is who and why are they there?

The last two expansions have focused on the guilds that vie for power in Ravnica.    War of the Spark takes a different track.   There will be 37 planeswalkers added to the game.   You can think of a planeswalker as a super-hero (or heroine) who has special abilities and sits outside combat section of the game.   Planeswalkers are generally very powerful cards, so adding 37 of them to the game is almost guaranteed to have an impact on how we build decks. 

Joe Dyer of MTGGoldfish has written an excellent article explaining the lore behind these planeswalkers.   

You can read Joe's article in its entirety here

Thank you Joe for putting so much work into this.   It's a fantastic piece of writing and information. 



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Last Updated: Apr 08, 2019

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