Rogue Company is a unique game with very competitive gameplay and mind-numbing gunfights. Therefore, you’ll need some guidance from people who have been in the game before you. To be successful at the game and also improve your gaming prowess, there are some guidelines you must follow.

We will be providing you with some tips to help you improve at Rogue Company. Also, here are some Rogue Company aimbot hacks that we consider to be of immeasurable benefit. Continue reading for details.

5 Tips to improve your gameplay at Rogue Company

  1. Effective communication

Like many other multiplayer shooter games, Rogue Company has an in-game voice chat that allows you to communicate with your team members. You must never take this feature for granted, as it can be a recipe for disaster. There'll always be valuable information that you can relate to your team members. 

For example, there could be an enemy advancing toward a teammate unknown to him. If the gap is too wide that you can successfully take a shot, the best you can do is warn your teammate. We recommend that you get a good gaming headset enabled with a mic. That way, you'll be able to hear your teammates and also communicate well with them easily.

  1. Make the settings comfortably yours.

Your favorite online gamer uses certain sensitivity settings doesn't make that particular setting ideal for you. Online gamers, in most cases, are professionals and may be able to pull complex stunts without thinking about it. And yes! They can still do so with high sensitivity settings.

In your case, the best thing you should do is keep your sensitivity level at average or a bit lower. You can then work your way up from there. This allows you to make fewer mistakes and also improve your gameplay. That way, you’ll be able to make movements and take shots with increased precision and accuracy.

  1. Wait before eliminating a downed opponent.

Before someone dies in Rogue Company, they first enter a downed state. To get here, you must have suffered serious damage from fights. When in the downed state, they helplessly crawl around, their only chance of survival being if a teammate comes around and revives them.

The reviving process in Rogue company usually comprises a lengthy animation. During this revving period, the teammate reviving your downed opponent is also vulnerable till they’ve successfully revived the fallen teammate. You can use this tactic to lure many enemies into being an easy target. So, wait for a while after downing an enemy; you can be lucky to kill two more alongside him.

  1. Choose perks that match your style.

Rogue company comes along with lots of perks that you can use alongside your abilities. Some noteworthy perks in the game include Tenacity, Shredder Rounds, and Life Drain. Tenacity, for example, is a perk that allows you to take less damage if you're caught in an explosion.

Furthermore, you can combine these perks with traits to get amazing results. A good combo comprises the use of Barricades along with perks such as Headstrong and Helping Hands. Doing this allows you to protect teammates during attacks. Helping Hands allows for quicker revives, while Headstrong gives you additional armor against attacks.

  1. Flanks can be a double-edged sword.

Rogue Company has maps that are small and can be very easy to maneuver. Small maps like this have more shortcuts than the largest ones, further increasing the possibility of flanks. Using flanks to your advantage depends on your knowledge of the game map. 

If you're playing against an opponent with good map knowledge, you might be at a loss. To minimize the risk chances, always pay attention to your surrounding. Luckily, the game allows you to switch among different camera angles to see around. You can also use some stealth perks such as Padded Steps and Cloaked to keep a low profile.


Boost your performances at Rogue Company with the tools we have provided in this article. This may be difficult at first but gets easier with practice. You'll need to utilize every tool at your disposal, including perks, abilities, and weapons.

 Also, you must be able to stick with the team and communicate effectively with your team members. Lastly, make sure the sensitivity setting is neither too fast nor slow, and take the time to study the game map.

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Last Updated: Apr 30, 2022