Enemies, items, quests, death et al as RPG Vault wraps up their overview of Unigium's colorful massively multiplayer game

RPG Vault finishes their in depth interview with notables on the team making this upcoming MMO. the interview includes several new screenshots as well!

Jonric: Does Myth War include a large selection of computer-controlled opponents, or is it primarily a game where you fight other players?

Billy Ren: The PvP system is less significant in the earlier stages of Myth War because the players will focus more on upgrading their rankings and skill as well as collecting items and perfecting their equipment. In the later stages, PvP will become the main element in the game because the access to the Mine and the conquering of nations and cities will definitely increase the players' interests in the game. Therefore, they will become the most important goals for every player.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016