Mythos beta keys going fast, get them while they're hot.

According to early reports, Mythos provides an amazing experience in the F2P arena. With options like being a Cyclops, the game adds new character options to the fantasy setting. And that is just the beginning of the game. Tapping into the talent that helped create the original Diablo game, Mythos uses the F2P pricing model that will allow them to implement micro-transactions and other content for cash mechanisms. While there are a number of highly touted F2P games, this one has significant attention because of the horsepower behind the game and the early impressions.

Thirteen1, a free MMO magazine, has a few beta keys left to hand out. If you want to get in early, here is more information:

"To find out how you can get access to the closed beta of Mythos and help Flagship shape the game, just head on over to Thirteen1 and read the Mythos feature."

After watching the flurry of Diablo 3 news, here is a game you can play now that has its roots firmly planted in Diablo soil. The beta keys for Mythos are hot commodities so enter quickly here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016