Q & A with the Co-Founder of Flagship Studios.

Chief Operating Officer of Flagship Studios Max Schaefer gives us some insight to the highly anticipated Mythos.

How many areas are in moment in planning?

Max Schaefer: It seems that every day we have new ideas for new areas. Like I mentioned before, our development process is very reactive and iterative, so as we go, we evaluate the game and determine what will be the most fun and interesting area to make next. Obviously the world map allows for many different terrain and atmosphere styles.

If you sometimes find the time to play Mythos - what you play? Class / Race and why.

Max Schaefer: I love to play the Gremlin, and usually bloodletter or gadgeteer. Currently, however, I’m playing a Cyclops, which I find a highly amusing character.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016