NetEnt just announced that it is set to release a new game. It will be the first in the industry of live casino game. It has not been launched yet but it is already making noise. NetEnt stated that it is going to be one of the most significant game releases of 2019.

Gamers who wish to get a glimpse of the game can play it during ICE 2019. But do not expect yet to receive free bonus no deposit as it is just its first launch.

NetEnt will exhibit it along with other new games it is planning to release. Although it is early to make a review, many gamers are now stating that it is going to be one of this year’s best releases.

What Is Perfect Blackjack?

Live blackjack is a popular casino game. If you have played it before, you might wonder what makes it special. How does it differ from the live blackjack variations currently available?

The main difference is the game enables players to have their cards dealt based on the perfect blackjack strategy. It reduces the house edge to 0.5 percent. Its RTP becomes 99.5%.

This house edge reduction can be appealing to players. However, it is not the only exciting feature of this new game.

Another exciting feature of this game is the speed. Because the players’ cards are dealt automatically, according to the perfect strategy, the overall game’s will be sped up. Players can also opt to pre-select if they wish to auto-split or double down.

The game also features a new level of flexibility and scalability because of its multi-set feature. It can also host different players for every box. In that case, the gamers can decide whether to automatically play hands, sit out hands or join in again if they deem it necessary.

Overall, all players are excited about this new game to NetEnt’s live casino suite.

NetEnt and Rank Group Partnership

NetEnt developed Perfect Blackjack as a collaboration project with the Rank Group that owns Grosvenor Casinos and others. Rank’s current head, Richard Walker, thinks that the game has a broad appeal. That is, it can attract not just die-hard live blackjack fans but also new players.

Andres Rengifo, NetEnt’s Live director, stated that Perfect Blackjack will be first in the industry of live casino. He also thinks that this game can attract all players, regardless of their expertise level.

The collaboration with Rank Group allows this game to be featured on the

When Will It Become Available?

There is no release date yet for Perfect Blackjack. However, gamers can expect to see it online at Grosvenor Casinos site in the coming months.

NetEnt is one of the developers that is pushing an industry’s first title in 2019. Another gaming developer and the main rival of NetEnt is Evolution Gaming. This company has unveiled not just one game but also 10 new games during the ICE Totally Gaming 2019 in London.

Among the new games would include the New Deal or No Deal property. It is a branded title adopted from the popular TV show. It is also the world’s first live game that players can access 24/7. The developer’s inspirations to develop a 24/7 live casino game are Netflix and YouTube.

As regards to the collaboration of NetEnt and Rank, it is not the first time they have collaborated. In 2016, NetEnt signed a license agreement with Rank.

After it successfully integrated its system, the NetEnt’s popular games became available to players. They are also accessible through Rank’s online casino network, like the and, where you can play best Netent slots online for free or for real money.

Grosvenor Casinos is one of the best live dealer casinos. Thus, it is just logical for NetEnt to allow Perfect Blackjack to be available in this platform.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2019