For K2 Network, every game is an opportunity to bring more users into
their vast database of registered players. While Knight Online may not
be the newest, latest, or greatest game on the block, it has enough
users to make it one of the most active free-to-play MMOGs available.
To continue their work on the game, K2 has released the new Moradon
Expansion patch to the game, which includes a bunch of new features.
For your curiosity, Ten Ton Hammer has grabbed the official press
release and eleven screenshots for you to view. Enjoy!

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K2 Network’s
Popular MMORPG Adds a New Massive New Expansion Patch With New Quests,
A New Battle Arena, A New Clan Communication System and Much, Much More!

IRVINE, Calif.
– September 13, 2007
– K2 Network,
Inc. (, a premier online game publisher, today announced
that the new Moradon Expansion patch for Knight Online is now live.
This newest and largest content expansion includes a host of new
features, including a revamped and totally redesigned Moradon Castle,
and new hunting areas to adventure, trade and meet fellow Knights.

“We are proud to announce the release of Moradon: The
Resurrection,” said Gokhan Kazar, Associate producer of the
Knight Online Team. “The Moradon patch is something we have
been gearing towards for many months now and we think the Knight Online
players will be happy with what it has to offer.”

Bigger and Better Moradon

There is more area to explore and hunt in the new Moradon. The actual
size of the town and the area to hunt monsters has been greatly
increased! In order to leave Moradon though, you will have to attain
level 35. This will allow players to join clans and learn more about
teamwork earlier in the game.

New Quests to Complete

There are new quests to train players how to upgrade weapons and armor!
Check with [Blacksmith] Heppa in Moradon to learn more. There are also
quests to acquire new ranks of Knighthood and to obtain a pet to fight
alongside you!


By completing a quest from [Familiar Trainer] Kate in Moradon, players
can receive a pet egg that will hatch their new companion! Pets can
fight alongside their masters, transform into other monsters, use
skills to increase their master’s statistics, and even help
gather treasure from fallen monsters!

The New Knight System

There are now 3 levels of knighthood in this new expansion. Once a clan
has reached rank 3, they will be able to complete a quest in order to
attain the rank of Squire. After reaching 252,000 Clan Points and
completing the next quest, they will be able to become Knights.
Finally, after amassing 1,080,000 Clan Points and defeating a very
difficult foe, they can reach Royal Knighthood.

Each Knighthood level has 5 ranks and depending on how many Clan Points
the clan has acquired, the clan will rise from rank 5 to rank 1 in each
level. Once they have become rank 1, they can complete the quests
listed above to advance their Knighthood level.

New Clan Communication

There is a new clan communication feature called “Clan
Notice”. Players will be able to post notices that the entire
clan can see to organize events or important information that the clan
needs to be aware of.

New Items

Through the new Juraid Mountain event, players will be able to attain
precious gems of a multitude of colors that can be placed into the
Chaotic Generator to exchange for special NEW unique items only
available through this process! These new uniques include earrings,
rings, belts, armor and weapons such as the String of Skulls and the
Hero’s Valor!

Class Skill Changes

Mages and Rogues have had a few skill changes in the new expansion.
Mages have had changes to Frozen Blood, Ice Staff, Lightening Staff,
and Blink while Rogues have had damage output increased on their Blood
Beast, Blinding, and Beast Hiding skills.

The Moradon Battle Arena

Ever wanted to challenge another party or clan to a battle but
don’t want to change zones? Well now you can with the new
Moradon Battle Arena! This new PvP enabled area inside of Moradon has
no level requirement and everyone is an enemy except for people in your

New Event Dungeons and

PvP in Knight Online just got even better with the addition of the
Border Defense Wars and Juraid Mountain! There are low-level (35-45)
and mid-level (60-69) Border Defense Wars which take place during
specific times in the day. The objective is to be the first to destroy
the other nation’s monument. If the monuments are not
destroyed, the winner will be determined by the number of kills.

Juraid Mountain is a high level (70-80) PvP event where the objective
is to fight through 3 separate rooms to reach the center room where the
Boss must be defeated. The 2 nations will start at opposite ends of the
map and work their way to the middle. The winning nation in this event
will obtain precious gems which can be turned in to the Chaotic
Generator for some very rare unique items!

The New Clan Point
Contribution System

This new expansion allows Clan Leaders to have more control over their
clan. Clan members also have a chance to contribute more and take more
responsibility in the clan. There are two types of Clan Point
contribution systems that can be chosen by the Clan Leader. The first
is manual contribution where a set contribution amount can be
determined by the player. The second is automatic contribution which
pulls a percentage of National Point gain from each member of the clan
to contribute to their Clan Points. Clan Points are used to determine
Clan Rank and Level. Clan Points can also be used to purchase capes for
the clan. If a player quits a clan, the clan will lose the total amount
that the member has contributed. The member will only get a 30% refund
of their total contribution as well.

Training Dummies

There are 3 different levels of training dummies located in Moradon for
players to check damage levels and skill use (level 30, 60, and 80).
There are also fixed and moving targets for players to practice on.

Clan Symbol Flags in

The top 5 clans in each nation will have their clan symbol attached to
a flag that is flown in Moradon. Now everyone on the server can see
which clan ranks supreme!

Fortune Teller

Curious what the future holds for you? If so, for 10,000 Noahs you can
get your fortune from Fortune Teller McKin in Moradon!

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title="A yellow dragon"> src="/image/view/11929/preview"

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