North American gamers didn't often use the terms adorable or cutesy-wutesy before the advent of free to play gaming, but now it seems like every other game that hits our servers brings with it a heaping helping of the pastels and puffy pink enemies. However, if you can look past all the bright colors and cute cartoons, there are a number of F2P games that are brimming with excellent gameplay. This brings us to the most recent game to head to North American soil: Nostale. Imported by new publisher Uforia, the game seems to be in a vein similar to Lunia, Mapletory, and Tales of Pirates. While the jury is still out on Nostale, rest assured that the Ten Ton Hammer staff will be in touch with the developers at Uforia to get a better idea of what Nostale is all about.

Here's the full press release:

Redwood City, Calif. - January 12, 2009 - Uforia, Inc., a new online game publisher specializing in massively multiplayer online games, today announced that they will bring popular MMORPG Nostale: Global to the North American market. From January 2009, gamers in North America can play the free MMORPG by going to Uforia's website at

"We are thrilled to be able to bring Nostale: Global to the North American market," said JK Kim, CEO of Uforia. "Nostale is a unique MMORPG with easy-to-access events which allow players to interact with other players in PvP and survival objectives. We are thrilled and honored that this is our first title as a newly formed publisher."

"Though they are a new publisher, the team at Uforia has a great deal of expertise and experience to bring to our partnership," said Kevin Song at Servex. "We have complete faith that Uforia will build and bring a strong Nostale community to Nostale: Global, which will lead us to great success in the US market."

Nostale is a free-to-play casual MMORPG which takes gamers through seventy exciting levels of the wonderful world of East Mile. Gamers can choose from one of four character classes, each with unique powers and features. The ultimate goal is to fight Dark Horn and his legion of demons in the land of death. On their way to the top, players have the choice of completing a variety of raids and acquiring a large selection of specialty cards which transform your character into one of over twenty specialty classes.

The game has its own unique sense of ownership. Each player has their own Mini-Land with a virtual player housing area where they can build their house, decorate their homes and environments to match their personality, store their pets and items and invite friends over to take a break and visit.

Nostale features a unique character progression system where characters progress to one of three classes and then are allowed to progress to specialized classes through class cards.

The game also includes an attractive set of comic-style characters that range from cute to fearsome. Players can capture monsters to fight alongside them as well as make friends with NPCs that will follow you around and be your ally in battle.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016