As we reach update 100, it's time to look back.

Asheron's Call can now claim the title as the Old Man of MMO's (we'll say Everquest is the Old Lady), as it has now reached game update 100. In celebration of this, the guys at Turbine have set up a nostalgia blog that the old designers of the game will be posting to.

The first entry is now live. It was written by Allan "Orion" Maki, who worked as a designer on nearly half of AC's content updates. He also wrote a huge chunk of the game's ongoing storyline. That storyline has been an important reason for people to keep on playing the game after all these years.

In the blog, he describes his first, disaster-laden attempt at design, names his favorite characters and quests, and gushes compliments at AC, saying "you never forget your first love." Now he's working on The Lord of the Rings Online, but one senses that he won't forget his roots.

To find the blog, please check the Asheron's Call official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016