Nvidia 3000 Series Shortages

If you were hoping to get your hands on an Nvidia 3080 or a 3090 graphics card by this end of this year, you may end up very disappointed. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang last week announced that company shortages were due to continue for the remainder of 2020 – striking a big blow to customers who have patiently waited for an update on the premium graphics cards.

Whilst Huang didn’t explicitly confirm that shortages are here to stay, his words won't exactly fill potential customers with much optimism. In a recent Q and A with the press, originally organised to publicise the GTC announcements, Huang put to bed rumours over the graphics card shortages which have been pervasive online. “I believe that demand will outstrip all of our supply through the year”, he told an expectant press pack.

Demand for the RTX 3080 and 3090 was huge, with both selling out within minutes of pre-orders going live. However, without sufficient inventory to sustain such demand, problems were always likely to occur. “We’re ramping really hard’, Huang claims. “Yields are great, the product’s shipping fantastically, it’s just getting sold out instantly”. The company has since apologised for the launch of the 3080, which was particularly limited in volume.

Despite their recent issues, Nvidia look set to press on unabated with plans to bring out another graphics card in the RTX 3000 series by the end of this month. Slated for an October 29th release, the hope is that more time will allow the company to work alongside retailers to assemble a sufficient number of cards which can be sold on the day of the launch. Priced at $499, it is likely to be similarly sought-after – so get your mouse at the ready. And speaking of high demand, visit https://www.storspiller.com to play Norwegian games online.

For customers who are in urgent need of a new graphics card in the coming months, there may in fact be a solution. AMD are set to reveal a host of new products at an event on the 28th of October. The company is set to showcase the Radeon RX 6000, while it may also choose this moment to unveil an RTX 3000 competitor of its own – though this is pure speculation at this stage.
For Nvidia meanwhile, a lack of inventory isn’t the only gripe that would-be customers currently have. Many feel frustrated by what they deem to be astronomical pricing, a blatant attempt at a cash grab by a company that knows its products are in high demand. Huang is quick to paint a picture of frenzied customers who simply cannot wait to get their hands on the latest and greatest in graphics cards. “Retainers will tell you they haven’t seen a phenomenon like this in over a decade” – he excitedly stated in a recent interview. Whether or not this is true, it most certainly could act as a good justification, in theory, for the recent price hike.

Demand for the cards is big enough without the CEO doing his level best to drum up further interest. It is master spin from a man who knows how to put a good face on a dire situation – spin that the press seems to buy into every time. While Nvidia continues to profit from the hype, most customers will, unfortunately, have to wait to get their hands on a series 3000 graphics card.

Where once, expensive cards were the reserve of professionals and hobbyists, today the market is far larger, as people from all walks of life look to optimise their PC. In an ever-growing market, companies like Nvidia, and CEO’s like Jensen Huang, will always sense an opportunity to maximise their position. For consumers, 2021 cannot come soon enough.



     Sources: TheVerge.com, Forbes.com.


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Last Updated: Nov 25, 2020