The legal status of online gambling in Canada is more straight forward than many believe it to be. Essentially, if an operator has a license from the relevant regulatory bodies, they can operate an online casino legally in Canada. Meaning that punters can enjoy playing several online casino games at their leisure.

Without a license, that is when it becomes illegal to operate an online casino in Canada. However, despite that being illegal, Canadians can legally choose to play at any offshore casino. It is an industry that had a gross turnover in 2021 of CA$610.4 million, with projections for that to grow. Which is why we are seeing more being done with regards to encourage the legal operations of casinos in Canada.

Either way, whether you play at Canadian online casinos or offshore ones, there are plenty of games to enjoy. It can be hard to choose from the vast selection though, so to make it a little easier for you, here are a few of our favourite online casino games you can enjoy playing in Canada right now:

Mega Moolah

There are a number of online slot game variations to enjoy at the top slots sites available in Canada, but Mega Moolah is one of our favourites. It has a vibrant and energetic animal theme, measuring five reels by three rows and offers 25 win lines across them all.

But what sets it apart from the rest is the fact it has a progressive jackpot included as well. So, for every stake a player places on this game, a small percentage goes into a pot that can be won by any player at any time. The most that has ever been recorded on Mega Moolah is CA$ 20 million.

In terms of the specifics, the minimum bet is CA$ 0.25 with the maximum being CA$ 6.25, and a maximum normal pay out, not including the progressive jackpot, of CA$ 56,250. The RTP is lower than some other games at 96.09%, but when you could potentially win millions from the minimum bet, it makes it seem more worthwhile.

Lightning Roulette

This is one of our favourite variations on the classic table game. Lightning Roulette operates very much like classic roulette, in the bets available and how you place them. However, there is an electrifying feature. Between each round up to five numbers are randomly selected by a random number generator and will be struck by lightning. A multiplier is then applied that can range from 50x your stake to 500x your stake.

In order to win though, the number that has been struck by lightning must been the one the ball lands on, on the roulette wheel. If it does not, then the game just pays out as usual on all outside bets, although if betting on single numbers, odds are maxed at 30x your stake rather than the usual 36x. The numbers and multipliers will then be reset for the next round.

Blackjack Switch

Another fresh take on a classic table game you would find at land-based casinos is Blackjack Switch. It’s one of a number of variations of blackjack. And once again, it is very similar to the traditional game, the main difference being that you have the option of swapping out your second card. So, for example, if you drew an Ace and then a Five, you would have a chance to swap that Five for another card, giving you a second chance at getting blackjack.

Now, due to the enhanced chances of winning on this game, there are some slightly rule chances to improve the house edge. Firstly, blackjack pays out evens, just like a standard hand. Secondly, the dealer can push at 22, so unless you get a blackjack, the dealer would not go bust on 22 and instead, would just return your initial stake back to you.

One good feature though is you can still play side games such as Perfect Pairs and 21+3, meaning you not only have a second chance at getting blackjack, but you can continue to play side games on top of that, leading to the potential that you could see some big pay-outs, especially when you have a second life to improve a bad hand that you have been dealt.

Double Ball Roulette

Another of our favourite games available at many online casinos is double ball roulette. This one is self-explanatory as well, its roulette, but with two balls. For inside bets, so single numbers, quarters and halves, just a single ball needs to land on your required numbers. However, for outside bets such as red or black and odds or evens, both balls must land on the required bet to win.

It is surprising how much having an extra ball really does increase your chance of winning on inside bets, because there is twice the chance of calling a successful number. However, sometimes balls can collide and knock each other off course and this can mean when you thought you were about to win, you end up missing out as one ball knocks the other out of the number you needed. But the chaos just adds to the fun.

Gonzo’s Quest

We finish how we begin, with another popular slot game that is based on the ancient tales of Gonzalo Pizarro and his quest to find the legendary City of Gold. Millennials may not know who this is due to a lack of education around the subject today, but believe us when we say this man was a legend.

This slot follows that theme, as you go on your own quest in search of riches. It offers 20 pay lines across three rows on five reels, but unlike traditional reels, these do not spin round, they fall. And when a successful win line appears, the tiles disappear with more falling in to replace them. Meaning the possibility of multiple wins from one spin.

With a minimum bet of CA$ 0.20 and a maximum stake of CA$ 500.00, this is a slot that is suitable for both high rollers and those with smaller budgets. And with a maximum pay out of CA$ 125,000 I think you will understand why it is so popular amongst players of all backgrounds and skill levels.

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Last Updated: May 13, 2022