Virtual Reality has been at the forefront of technological entertainment innovation in recent years. In the video gaming market, VR has emerged as a great way to get people involved and immersed in the experiences that developers are providing. With this, online slot providers and online casinos begin to delve into the realm of VR. They use the technology to provide personalized, immersive experiences to their players, simulating the real-world experience of going to a casino in the comfort of their own homes.

2D casinos may offer user-friendly experiences that meet the bare minimum standard required to have a good time as in 2D casinos may offer user-friendly experiences that meet the bare minimum standard required to have a good time as with the best Aussie online pokies on Still, VR casinos and pokies aim to recreate the experience of a land-based casino, immersing users in a fully interactive environment. Virtual casinos and pokies borrow a lot of technology from their video gaming origins, and many existing VR headsets, such as the PlayStation VR, Vive, and Oculus Rift, are compatible with up and coming virtual gambling software and experiences. The principle remains the same in both industries: working to increase user immersion and entertainment while providing a way for companies to retain returning customers and clients.

VR Pokies As A New Online Tendency

A VR casino seeks to emulate the experience of a land-based casino, in a similar way to how VR video games aim to put the user inside a specific situation, world, or experience. Virtual Reality casinos work through the headsets previously mentioned in this article; all of the headsets have their various positives and negatives, so it is necessary to evaluate the market before you make your decision.

A VR casino will contain standard online casino games such as blackjack and roulette, as well as slot machines. Some VR casinos will provide poker games, as well as a more significant variety of table games. However, many of these casinos are updating continuously and will develop to include a higher number of experiences and games for customers to enjoy.

What VR casinos boast over other online gambling experiences is through their personalization and multiplayer options. Virtual reality casinos allow players to participate in online casino games with one another, chatting and interacting with their peers while also allowing more than one player to compete in real-time. Customizable avatars and characters allow for more exceptional personalization options, as well as ways to reward players for their continued custom and service.

When trying to decide on a headset to purchase, it is also worth considering the video games that you would also play with the headset. They do not come cheap to make sure you can get the most out of your headset, whether in virtual casinos or other experiences, is vital.

VR Video Gaming Market Review

In 2013, Nielsen report that 58% of the U.S. population (aged 13+) were considered to be gamers. In 2018, in comparison, that figure had risen to 66%, with an increase in the play of nearly every demographic. The online gambling market somewhat simulates that of the gaming market, but the video gaming industry appears to be one step ahead. As more people open up to gaming, the rise of virtual reality usage has also increased, and not only this, but a whole new demographic and audience are opened up too.

According to data collected by Nielsen, 64% of the population considered to be ‘gamers’ in 2018 were aware of VR devices, while a still staggering 51% of the general population was aware of these devices. 10% of the general population and 13% of gamers own these devices, a number continually increasing as interest grows in the devices and the experiences they offer.

There is currently a wide range of gaming experiences available on VR, with some worldwide franchises and new games taking the market by storm. For those interested in an escape to another world or universe to explore, the likes of Fallout 4 VR, Skyrim VR, and No Man’s Sky offer fantastic opportunities for players to immerse themselves into highly detailed and enjoyable experiences. Games such as fast-paced Matrix-esque shooter Superhot and Beat Saber offers experiences explicitly tailored for virtual reality, increasing the amount of interest in them as they offer routes that gamers may otherwise avoid.

VR arcades are another example of old ideas being applied to new technology. People are flocking to VR arcades that allow them to experience the very best that VR tech has to offer without personal investment. Looking to the future, as the industry continues to grow, VR arcades will become more commonplace and serve to relive the experience that many gamers would have experienced in classic arcades as a kid. In a similar way to how VR arcades allow users to experience a wide range of virtual games easily, VR casinos will offer users a way to experience a variety of games and machines much more comfortable.

Pokies Virtual Experience

When VR headsets first hit the market, they were slightly pricier than they are today. Sony took the first steps in making the headsets more accessible and affordable with the PSVR system that works exclusively with the Sony PlayStation 4 console. Recently, more developers have followed suit, and the market looks increasingly likely to continue to move in this direction.

Gambling platforms and casinos are increasingly turning towards VR technology as a way to not only attract new players but to add a new level of user experience for returning customers. By tapping into this technology, providers and casinos can give new generations of players a reason to get involved, where regular technology would not suffice.

In 2015, the world’s first VR casino opened – with the Spanish SlotsMillion providing a new development in the online gambling industry. In SlotsMillion, players can visit the virtual casino and enjoy the features and design it has to offer in 360 degrees. Inside the virtual casino, there are forty different 3D slot machines with high-quality graphics and playable alongside friends, increasing the social nature of online gambling that has never been present before.

SlotsMillion Casino Tour in VR

Before you delve into the world of VR casinos, however, it is worth noting that your computer will require certain specifications. Typically, your computer needs:

  • Minimum of 8GB RAM
  • A high-end graphics card: NVIDIA GTX 970/ AMD 290 or better
  • HDMI 1.3 and USB 3.0 ports
  • Intel i5-4590 or better
  • Windows 7 SP1 or later versions, Mac-OS or Linux (Steam OS)

The Pros and Cons of VR Pokies

VR pokies offer many advantages over the typical online slot games or classical land-based machines. The VR technology allows a more exciting user experience, with added realism being able to experience a casino from the comfort of your own home. There is also a wide range of games available at your fingertips, but not too many that it can be overwhelming, as can be the case with online casinos as they are today.

VR casinos also have innovative bonus and reward systems. Player avatars have the opportunity to participate for free in virtual reality tournaments and to earn customizable options. While on the background, virtual reality casinos improve and release updates as the market continually evolves and grows with new innovative competitors.

However, VR pokies do have their drawbacks. Firstly, getting equipped can be costly. Even if you have a high-end computer, the headsets themselves are expensive. If your computer needs upgrading, then the initial set-up cost is far higher than that required to log in to an online casino or to catch a bus down to your local casino. Furthermore, there is also expensive software that can be involved in the process of playing in a VR casino. At last, gamers can easily lose count of time because of full immersion in the game.


VR Pokies Near Future

VR pokies are set to evolve rapidly soon. The developments made over the past three years alone have been staggering, but Juniper reports that data suggests virtual reality gambling will grow by 800 percent by 2021, in just over a year. However, for now, VR remains a niche interest for many. Veteran gamblers may want to stick to what they are familiar with, seeing no need to spend the money required for the expensive set-up of virtual reality.

However, it is not all about VR on the horizon of online pokies. Game providers like Aristocrat are continually developing the best new games for their online and mobile client base. Among other things, the mobile gambling audience remains the biggest, with developers working to make sure their games are user-friendly and worth playing on-the-go. The crypto slots mentioned above are also an essential part of the industry’s future, while a focus on increasing the multiplayer and social elements of online gambling is also present.


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Last Updated: Nov 19, 2019

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