With Maeve having released earlier this week, Hi-Rez have kindly sent across 10 Selina Kyle Maeve codes, including Vagrant clothing. For anyone who has yet to unluck the latest Champion, our competition will be quick and pretty-much painless.

If you've yet to see what Maeve or Paladins is all about, we'd recommend you check out the video below (it's pretty bloody awesome).

Good luck!

The Competition

Just let us know in the comments below what sort of Champion you'd like adding to Paladins. You can be as brief or as detailed as you like. We'll then pick our 10 favorites.

The Rules

1. You can make as many comments as you like. 

2. Winners will be chosen by myself.

3. The closing date for comments is Friday 10 February at 17:00 GMT. Winners will be announced on the same day. 

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Last Updated: Feb 09, 2017

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