There is a lot to learn in Paragon and a lot of information regarding skills or methods of play isn’t necessarily obvious. With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of random tips and tricks that you should find useful.

1. The colored minion at camps doesn’t deal much damage, it’s his bodyguards that do. Kill those first.

2. You can strafe around jungle camps and avoid damage from their attacks, especially the colored minion.

3. Wards indicate when players are near them and can be placed above you, on ledges, to avoid them being killed by melee Heroes.

4. Jungling provides high amounts of experience for the Jungler but they should ensure they loop both sides.

5. Wards reveal stealthed enemies, including Kallari.

6. At the start of a match you actually have time to choose a Ward, run out and place it, return to base and get a second charge (if you haven't chosen a Shadow Ward).

7. When jungling, you should always ensure the Jungler secures the red buff early. This boosts their damage and allows them to clear camps quickly. Help them secure it.

8. Experience from kills is shared based on proximity. If your team are all near an enemy player who dies, you’ll all get a proportion of the experience.

9. Stealth pools make a distinct sound when someone enters and exits them. Listen for this when you’re laning.

10. Although laning is a key part of Paragon, attacking Towers as a large group (over 3 players) is key to bringing them down quickly. Be sure to rotate when a lane is pushed.

11. Experience shared between your team has a drop off. The first two in proximity to the death receive the maximum card experience, it then reduces for the 3rd, 4th and 5th player.

12. Harvesters obtain Card Experience constantly but it needs to be collected. Collecting it is also team wide so it’s in your best interest to do it as often as possible.

13. Killing enemy Harvesters grants experience and card experience - kill theirs often.

14. Attacking enemy Harvesters doesn't warn the opposing team that they're under attack. Once they're killed however, the opposing team will be informed so be sure to run away quickly once it’s destroyed.

15. You can jump through Gideon’s portal by pressing Jump (Space Bar) next to it.

16. You can use Grux’s “pull” to bring enemy players to you who are attacking your team mates.

17. Kallari can be seen in stealth if you are on a stealth pad. This puts you in the stealth “realm” allowing you to see her clearly.

18. Howitzer can move in the air when using his Ultimate ability - just press a direction key. Also note that this buys you enough time to escape when landing.

19. Grux’s Ultimate can interrupt Gideon’s Ultimate, as well as several Hero skills. Be sure you have it available. 

20. Murdock’s Ultimate can fire through scenery and has an infinite range. Imagine it as an x-ray lazer beam.

21. Due to the distance of Murdock’s Ultimate you should use it to pop enemies who are trying to return back to base (once they're stationary).

22. Rampage with Muriel can comfortably take down a Tower if he is shielded, has Black Buff and uses his Ultimate. Make use of it as much as possible.

23. Muriel can carry the Overpowered Buff but can't use her Ultimate if she has it. It's best to fly to the Orb carrier the moment they're near the turn-in to provide shielding and a knock-up.

24. Howitzer and Dekker are amazing on Tower defence. She can use her Ultimate alongside Howitzer to trap in enemies to deal maximum damage.

25. Body blocking is an invaluable method of preventing an enemy escaping. It’s basically standing in front of them so their movement is restricted. Doing this will secure you plenty of kills as a team.

26. Towers indicate on their “gem” stone how many of your minions are in its proximity. Use this indicator to know how many minions are alive before you need to leave.

27. As your minions approach a Tower, wait for your travel mode. This allows you to quickly sprint to the Tower so you don’t waste any time in damaging it.

28. Gideon can utilise his Ultimate ability from any height. Teleporting into the air and triggering his Ultimate allows him to pull enemies in, avoid melee damage and allow your team to attack on the ground.

29. Hitting an enemy in travel mode will stop them from sprinting, buying you time to (hopefully) kill them or run away.

30. You should ALWAYS be in travel mode when you need engage the enemy. It's effectively a free movement ability that gives you an advantage over another Hero who isn't in travel mode.

31. Laning is incredibly important. If you last hit minions, you get extra card experience so it's best to freeze the lane by only using your basic attacks (not abilities) so you have a constant stream of card experience.

32. When using your Ultimate ability, try to use it after the enemy has. That way you can guarantee they’ve used theirs and your team are then at an advantage.

33. If you’ve wiped the enemy team, don’t just portal back to base. Use the time you have to push lanes hard.

34. You run 15% slower when attacking someone. 

35. Harvester keys massively reduce the build time of Harvesters and recharge when you return to base. Ensure if you're jungling that you have one on your deck.

36. If your team mate is low health, you can body block incoming shots for them by standing in their way. Saving them in this way ensures their survival and prevents a kill for the opposition.

37. “Ganking” lane is an important part of Paragon. See someone extending far down the lane? Send one or more Junglers to kill them and then push the lane back.

38. Muriel has three methods of shielding her team. The shields don’t last forever so try to force her to use them as quickly as possible.

39. There are two harvesters outside of the jungle on the east and west side of the map at the middle point in the lane. There's also one next to Orb Prime. Be sure to capture them.

40. Inhibitors are the final line of defence against the Core and should be your teams’ priority at all times. Kills alone don’t win games.

41. A balanced composition is key to any team. Having no tank is often a liability and ignoring the enemies support players will almost always guarantee you lose (unless they’re truly terrible).

42. If you’re seeking high damage output, always build power > attack speed > armor penetration. 

43. Always try to save your escape skill for retreating rather than engaging. If things go south during a fight, you’ll be without it if you’ve already used it to arrive at the fight.

44. The Black Buff in the middle of the jungle causes you to deal additional damage to towers (750 damage across 5 seconds that refreshes on attack) as well as attack speed. It's amazing at pushing lanes. 

45. The Blue Buff reduces your cooldowns by 20% and increases mana regeneration by the same. The Red Buff grants a small movement speed increase as well as 25% damage boost. 

46. If one or more of your Inhibitors is destroyed, have your team collect the Orb Prime and deliver it to your own turn-in point. This will restore all your Inhibitors instantly.

47. You can steal the Orb Prime if the enemy is attacking it by landing the killing blow. If you've a high damage skill such as Murdock' or Steel's Ultimate and if you time it right, you can snatch it from under the enemies nose. 

48. Shadow Wards are key to any deck: they're two wards that are stealthed which you can place down. They'll warn you of incoming attackers. Taking a Shadow Ward only reduces your possible maximum damage by 6.5 - this is a negligible amount to lose considering the vision and survivability Shadow Wards give you.

49. Minion camps in the jungle level to a maximum of 3. At level 3, killing the camp is effectively giving you x3 Level 1 White camps. If you see a Level 2 or Level 3 camp that your Jungler or the enemy Jungler hasn't killed, you should (more often than not) take it. It's a high amount of quick experience. 

50. Building on the above, don't make a habit of stealing White camps in the Jungle. Your Jungler needs these to level up quickly. If you're constantly taking them, your Jungler will fall behind in levels. 

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Last Updated: Aug 16, 2016

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