There is no denying that game development offers more and more improvements to their mechanics and user interaction. However, this development often comes with a price. Many games offer special features for extra cash. Therefore, gamers now wonder whether it is wiser to enjoy casino games or venture into another pay to win journey. Find actual answers here.

Pay to Win: What You Need to Know

"Pay to win" is a recurring concept in game development. It signifies that users can receive extra advantages for cash. Put it in other ways: players pay to gain an upper hand and see their opponents lose. Even though such benefits are often considered unfair, users are more than willing to get them.

There is no one universal advantage that you might be getting. For example, users can enjoy healing properties, more powerful weapons, "skins" for their favorite characters, and new locations. Opening loot boxes is often a popular bonus gained from extra cash. Loots may contain advantages that were already discussed or currency that the players can spend only in the game itself. Naturally, using obtained gear annoys some users, while helping others.

Nevertheless, gaining an upper hand does not necessarily mean that you earn any cash. Furthermore, you are more likely to spend more than earn even a minimum income from the game. The majority of pay to win games are not connected with earnings. They do not pay for achievements or battles won. Essentially, the only thing you are getting is sole satisfaction from an epic win.

Users are the ones judging whether beating other players, opening new locations, or overpowering their opponents is worth their money. Players should be ready to lose more than they actually gain as it is not about cash here. Do you want to spend your cash on digital weapons? It's up to you.

Casino Games: Earning and Playing

Now it is time to cover the main differences between play-to-win platforms and casino games, starting from the obvious — money. As was previously established, "pay to win" games do not guarantee any cashback. Players are investing, yet the odds of getting one's money back are almost non-existent.

Here is where casino games are much more different. Yes, you are still investing, yet you have at least some odds of getting your money back and even gaining profit. That is why slots or even casino skill games rely on mathematical models.

Math is a big part of any casino and so is the so-called RTP (return to player). RTP signifies how much you will get if you continue investing. However, it does not necessarily mean that a player will get 90$ from a 100$ bet if RTP is 90%. The magic of casino math comes in growing and falling RTP. One player can get 1000%, while the other will sadly gain only 60%.

Because of math and odds, the majority of casinos require a deposit. A deposit is a fixed payment needed to start playing. Usually, deposits start at 25$, an amount that guarantees profit to the casino. Nevertheless, a recent trend shows that a 5 dollar deposit casino is gaining a lot of popularity. It allows players to enjoy several games while having chances to get more than 5$ back.

Deposit is one of the ways to ensure that you are spending more than a penny. But it does not only help the owners of the casinos. Players will have much higher chances of increasing their RTP if they play for longer than a few times with bigger deposits. It is nothing more than simple math.

Play Responsibly and Win

Therefore, your choice between pay to win and casinos is pretty easy. Nevertheless, playing responsibly is yet one more thing any gamer should do. Playing in casinos is, after all, considered to be gambling.

Even though the creators ensure fairness using random number generators and math, every player should understand that they are still gambling using their money. With that said, casinos can become an excellent source of profit and entertainment.

To wrap this up, players need to understand that one man's trash is another man's treasure, or, so they say. There is no 100% guarantee to win when gambling. Even with math and random number generators, the odds of getting one's money back are much greater than 0% from pay to win games. If the slot uses balanced math and the basics of probability theory, sooner or later, you will win. Maybe not a Grand Jackpot, yet something.

So here's the final verdict: casino games are definitely much more profitable. With knowing the games and odds, gamers can have a lot of fun and earn some cash in the process.

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Last Updated: May 05, 2022