Plinko Gambling Game Introduction

Plinko is a simple gambling game from developer BGaming that was first seen back in the eighties on the popular American TV game show, which has been running for 50 years and has seen over 9,000 episodes since its debut in 1972. The game of a casino has its origins in the TV show "The Price Is Right". Plinko is known as one of the most entertaining show games with price guessing of products from different categories. Allow introduced reviews on popular pricing games, and free spins, including Plinko. The casino software providers did a great job with Plinko, and here’s why:

  1. Proven honesty

Most casino games are based on a provably honest algorithm. This means that neither the game provider can interfere with the results of the round. You get the result of the game at the beginning of the draw, but only in encrypted form. After the end of the round, you get a key with which you can verify that the result is random and predetermined in advance and that the game is completely fair;

  1. Large multipliers

The count of winnings in Plinko can reach 1000x.

  1. Flexible risk management

With Plinko, you can customize your risk level from low to high.

What is the game about?

Well, it's simple: you have a small pyramid-shaped maze with a hole at the peak and some numbers at the bottom. Each bet played represents a ball drop. The ball comes down from the height where the numbers stand and hits one of them. Once the ball hits a count - your bet is multiplied by the number. The final location of the ball is completely random, which can be verified by the game's probability function.

Perhaps it is difficult to find a more comprehensible game than Plinko. Its essence is that the user launches a ball, which rolls down, sliding between the arranged bars, and randomly falls into one of the wells. The latter are colored according to the degree of risk: the green holes are the most likely to hit, yellow and orange - less likely.

You can run the ball manually, one at a time, and in automatic mode. In the latter case, from 10 to 1000 balls will start to roll one by one, periodically colliding and overtaking each other. It is hard to believe it, but hurriedly sliding down the face of virtual pyramid pink balls is a fascinating spectacle, from which it is difficult to come off even not to gamers.

How to Get Started

You can adjust the bet amount, your risk, the autoplay feature, and the count of pay lines. The more pay lines you have, the more chances you have of winning big. And risk, well, the risk is all about the RNG games. Plinko is a gambling game, after all, that’s why there is a certain chance of risk. All gambling fans should definitely try online casinos Australia, where you find only safe and trusted gaming platforms.

It is very easy to get started playing Plinko. To do so: Choose your bet size and your preferred level of risk; At the beginning of the casino Plinko game round, the ball will be launched from the top of the pyramid; In the process, it will bounce off the pins and change its trajectory; In the end, the ball will drop into one of the wells indicated near which the multiplier will determine your winnings.

You can either play automatically. This is a good thing about Plinko, on par with going to 16 lines, because the balls get tight and don't hit the middle - as you see, the middle has the smallest winnings. Plinko has convenient tools to automate the stake Plinko. Thanks to this, there can be several balls on the screen at once, and you can play many rounds in a short time with the selected rate and the specified level of risk.

Strategies in Playing the Plinko

There is no template for strategy in the Plinko at all. If you have a big losing streak, it doesn't mean you have big wins waiting for you. It just means there's something wrong with the game balance - either the risk is too high and you've only made one bet, or you need to adjust your pay lines. Keep in mind that the stake Plinko is balanced on its own, and whenever you adjust it, you can also upset that balance. Plinko can be so special because of its basic principle - the balls fall randomly in a certain place. It also provides an RTP of 99% making this game almost impossible to lose, imagine you play  GTA V Casino or similar.

How to Win at Plinko

The biggest wins are on the edges. Also, the higher the risk, the higher the winnings, and that's because of the game's probability, which you can also see in the stake Plinko. Another Plinko trick may be to never make just one bet. When there is only one ball, it will go in the middle.

Also, keep an eye on the game history on the left side in landscape mode. When there is a losing streak, you are doing something wrong. Either turn off the high-risk feature or try to minimize your bet and let the Plinko casino game do its job.

Plinko Betting Limits and Max Wins

The minimum bet in the Plinko video slot is 1€. The maximum bet is 100€. At the same time, the biggest gain the user can count on for a single roll is ×1000 bet, and the smallest is ×0.2 bet. Thus, no round will be empty: even if you do not increase the amount, you will at least get back some money.

To the left of the playing field, the history of bets is indicated. It displays the time of the throw, the size of the bet, the payout on it as a percentage, and the amount of profit. Thus, it will be convenient for the user to analyze the events of the best game and calculate the possibility of a big win. If a large payout for a long time did not happen, it might make sense to increase the bet.


Although Bgaming didn't create something new, in the summer of 2019, it revived the famous online Plinko game. The only difference from the classic version is a triangular field instead of a rectangular one. This is great entertainment after a hard day's work, which will help calm down and relieve stress, watching the measured bounces of the ball between the obstacles. Set up the playing field and bet: in Plinko, there are no losers.


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Last Updated: May 12, 2022