Post-Launch Interview with 9Dragon's Game Director

It's been over a month since the official launch of Acclaim's 9Dragons, and the Ten Ton Hammer staff wanted to check in with the development team at Acclaim to determine how the launch of the game went and what sort of plans they have for the future. To answer the questions posed, Acclaim tapped Steven-Elliot Altman, a best-selling author, Hollywood screenwriter, and the lead writer, loremaster and game director of 9Dragons.

Now that we've stabilized the game following the influx of new players and the mechanics that allow the game to generate income to sustain itself, we've turned our attention to creating new content. Two new maps have been created that dwarf anything players have already seen in-game, and they have just entered alpha test stage. About 100 new quests are about to enter the game, and we're developing new items for the Item Mall based on player demand. Yeah, I guess we're keeping busy.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016