Project Zomboid Pointers to Survive in 2023


Are you struggling to survive the Project Zomboid apocalypse? Here’s a list of tips and strategies that can help you thrive amidst the chaos and challenges. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced, these important pointers will benefit any player. Read this guide on how to be prepared for an ever-changing environment with a massive amount of open-world content. Before we get started...

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Now, let’s get started with our top tips. 

  1. Day One

You’re going to need the right loot to make it through the game. Project Zomboid will get more difficult as the game goes on, that’s why it’s vital you pick up the right gear to help you through early on. Here’s a list of items to collect in the first days of playing. 

  • Any weapon that will help you break glass. You’ll want to pick up better weapons when you see them, to fend off the undead. 

  • A water container. 

  • A bag, to handle larger loads of loot. 

  • A watch. 

  • Durable clothing. Sometimes a thick jacket will be the defining factor between life and death.

  • A safe house. 

  1. Stay Crouched While Moving

Crouching produces a lot less noise, which means you’re more likely to be undetected by zombies. Adding crouch, caution, and patience to your toolkit keeps you safe and improves your odds as you play Project Zomboid.

  1. Priority Items

There’s a lot of loot in Project Zomboid, but some of it is junk. Here’s our list of items that you should always be picking up: 

  • Guns (Don’t use them too early in the game because they’re loud, but it’ll be vital later for your survival.)

  • Bags (Hiking bags and duffel bags will help you store your items and reduce their weight.)

  • An axe (A hammer or frying pan will do in the early stages.)

  • Food items (You’ll want to eat your perishable items first and save your non-perishable items for when you really need them.)

  1. Moodles

In Project Zomboid, your character has survival-based limitations called Moodles. These indicators represent conditions your character is experiencing, and you’ll want to manage them closely to avoid negative status effects. Your character needs to eat, drink, and sleep to manage their health and sanity. In addition, stress, panic, and endurance are all moodles you need to handle during combat and when encountering the undead.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on the top Project Zomboid pointers. With these strategies and a little practice, you’ll soon be the apocalypse’s number one survivor.

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Last Updated: Feb 22, 2023