PS5 Unboxed 

It’s the most eagerly anticipated piece of tech due to be released this year. The PS5, for all of the hyperbole and noise, is a console unlike any we have seen before – inside and out. Its bold white and black aesthetic, while not universally popular, gives PlayStation a fresh new feel and futuristic livery. So, for those who are lucky enough to be getting their hands on this device in a few days, just what should you be expecting? Thankfully, several opportunistic tech reviewers have you covered. Let’s dive into the detail.

The Console

The design is unlike anything we’ve seen before on a console. The outside is pristine matte white, while the inner section is the exact opposite – black with a glossy finish. And yet, the contrast works beautifully. If you get close enough, you’ll spot a wonderful touch on the surface of the white shell, which is comprised of tiny X’s, O’s, triangles and squares – a cute reference to PlayStation’s iconic button layout.

Away from the look of the machine, it feels significant too. Far heavier than its predecessor, the PS4 Pro, the PS5 strikingly large. Tall and slim, you certainly won’t miss it when its placed on its side. As for the ports and buttons, on the back you have; a power port, two USB’s, one HDMI, one Ethernet and one Kensington. The front meanwhile has both USB and USB-C ports, alongside the disc eject button and the power button.

What else is in the box?

Console aside, you’ll also receive a dual shock PS5 white controller, some literature, and a charging cable – but no charging brick. There is also a stand amongst the packaging, as, quite bizarrely, the PS5 cannot sit flat on its side. For those who want to start playing immediately, you’ll need to grab a power brick, as well as an HDMI cable. Visit Casino Zone’s NetEnt casino page to find out more NetEnt casino options.

The Controller

The controller is just as striking and impressive as the console, which, just like the PS5, is notably bigger and bulkier than the PS4’s. It's white with black trimming, but unlike previous generations, the buttons are all matte white/translucent. Since the very first PlayStation, a defining feature of the controller was the iconic buttons and their distinctive individual colours. But not anymore. The minimalistic design will take a while to get used to, but it looks clean, elegant and futuristic, even at first viewing. 

The stems are longer than the PS4’s too, which makes the pad easier to grip and sturdier to hold over long periods. As tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee observes, it has “firmer triggers” like the consoles of yesteryear, adding to the general feeling of rigorousness. We’re yet to see the controller in action just yet, but in the opinion of most who have used it so far, it’s a slick design that perfectly matches the boldness of the console. 


Overall, the PS5 is a stunning piece of tech fresh out of the box. Given that we have now seen snippets of gameplay at Sony events, as well as the product in the flesh, customers now have a complete idea of what they are going to be getting very soon. The technological innovation inside is matched by a suitably modern design on the exterior. It’s a grand departure from the previous generation, but it still manages to retain that PlayStation familiarity. 

Considering the product hasn’t even been released yet, the hype surrounding the PS5 is remarkable, to say the least. This is in no small part down to the tech community, whose unboxings will have surely whetted the appetite of gamers around the world. All of this comes after only seeing the box and the design of the console. Only when it is finally fired up will we see what the PS5 is truly capable of. The wait is almost over.                                                  


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Last Updated: Nov 12, 2020