Moorgard's mention of a gate to the Plane of Fear, set off a whirlwind of discussion of what would be happening in the next update. Fortunately, good ol' Blackguard cleared it all up for us.

We didn't intend to imply that Norrathians would be allowed access to the Plane of Fear in this update. I understand that many of you want to go to this notorious realm, but the gods seem to remain steadfast in keeping mere mortals out of the planes. The intention of the update notes was to talk about the cave in the Feerrott, not to say that the Plane of Fear was coming.

Sorry for the confusion that the note caused. The new update note will read "Even the bravest adventurer may gasp when setting eyes upon the terrors within this long-lost cavern."

The short version: There is no Plane of Fear in this update.

Find his statement here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016