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It is easy to forget the name of a game. I forgot the name of a game I recently wrote about and had to open Steam to remember it. The fact that some games have names and we forget them is a sign they weren’t memorable. A game can be fun, but not memorable, which is interesting. I think it’s interesting that games can be forgotten and I think that’s a sure sign that while a fun game can be fun, it needs something to make it memorable.

That’s my lesson of the week for developers: add in a feature that makes me forever remember your game. That’s going to be the best and easiest way to get me to play your game. For real. If I can remember it, I’ll log back into it. Win / win scenario for everyone!

With that out of the way, Chris Roberts responded to my assertion that Star Citizen is a cult and that people are buying into a promise. I’d like to take a moment and clarify what I said a little bit more. First, I don’t think that the game is going to be vaporware, mostly because there is more than enough funding to make it a reality. However, I don’t think the game is going to be what everyone is buying into.

The reason being is that no one knows what they’ve bought into. No one know what the game is like. No one has yet to play the game. The only people in the know right now are the developers. The game is going to be released modularly, meaning that section by section. The good part is that they can edit and alter depending on community feedback. The bad part is that it’ll be awhile before it all comes together and everyone knows what the game is really like.

That’s where I say it is kind of silly for people to be buying ships in a game they’ve yet to play. Sure, donating is one thing, but the forums and conversations I’ve seen is people comparing stats and trying to figure out which is the best ship for them, then lamenting purchasing a ship when a better one gets released. That to me is people purchasing ships for something that doesn’t exist.

My full opinion can be read in The Cult of Star Citizen and I’ll be glad to take on any clarifications.

In other news, I’ve yet to own a PlayStation 4. This makes me sad. I can’t wait until next year when they’re openly in stock and I can own a piece of history. Until then, I’ll giggle at the reports of people being banned for swearing on Skype. Maybe that’ll be our Wednesday discussion topic? I don’t know, we will see.

Lastly, we’ve got some interesting exclusives coming up this week and I’ll be looking at some kind of nifty games. So be sure to check in for that.

Oh, something kind of interesting. Rockstar is selling a Bully / Manhunt combo pack on Amazon. I don’t know if Amazon is doing it or if it’s a Rockstar bundle, but there is something kind of funny about a game about a school kid having trouble in school and then… well Manhunt. Ah gaming.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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