Retro Video Games that Feature Casinos and Gambling

Retro video games were originally released on older gaming platforms from the late 1970s to the early 2000s. Before the full development of some of the best online casinos we have today, casino game players took to these classics. Gamers now collect vintage games and enjoy their emulated versions on modern platforms leading to its resurgence in popularity in recent years.

Do you remember that nostalgic feeling you get when you hear that tune sang for you every night? That is synonymous to the feel you get when playing retro games. In addition players enjoy them for the simplicity and unique gaming experience they offer. In this article, we'll look at some of these retro games.

Casino Kid

Casino kid was developed by Sofel in 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It primarily revolves around playing various card games against "unseen" opponents. Players take on the role of the main character; a young man who challenges various opponents in card games to become the best gambler in town. They therefore have to defeat a series of opponents, each with their own unique playing styles and strategies. Casino kid appeals to it's enthusiasts because of the following characteristics:

  • Unique gameplay

  • Nostalgic value

  • Challenging card games

  • Quest-like objective

Super Mario Bros 2

This game right here is a classic. It was released by Nintendo for the NES in 1988 in North America as the sequel to the highly popular "Super Mario Bros". Players gamble coins for extra lives and power ups. You get to choose one of four characters, each having their unique abilities such as different jumping heights and running speed. Super Mario bros 2 has a distinct gameplay style from other mainline Mario games. Hence, it has left a lasting impact on the Mario series and remains the beloved of many.

Vegas Stakes 

This casino-themed simulation game was developed by HAL laboratory and published by Nintendo. It was released in 1993 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and later for other platforms. It features the following:

  • A virtual representation of Las Vegas, allowing players to explore various casinos on the Las Vegas strip.

  • Variety of games and betting limits for each casino.

  • A customized character to represent players as they gamble and interact with other in-game characters.

  • Multiplayer mode, which allows four players to compete against each other.

  • Participation in various mini-games and challenges to earn extra money or rewards.

  • 16-bit graphics and music that capture the aesthetic of the time.

The game allows players to test their luck and gambling skills without risking real money.

Final Fantasy VII

This is one of the most iconic role-playing video games (RPG) in gaming history, developed and published by Square for Sony Playstation in 1997. It follows the adventures of Cloud Strife; a former member of an elite military group as he joins a group of rebels to stop the evil corporation Shinra and a powerful villain named Sephiroth. 

Other notable characters such as Tifa, Aerith, Barret and RedXII are also featured. It is characterized by various mini-games including a slot machine and a battle arena where players can wager in-game currency. Final Fantasy VII was groundbreaking in the use of 3D graphics and pre-rendered backgrounds, which were cutting edge for the playstation era.

Final Words

Retro gaming offers you an unmatched nostalgic experience. So, if you're an "old soul", checking these games out is a no-brainer.

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Last Updated: Oct 12, 2023