By Danny "Ralsu" Gourley

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It's likely that this
cave is home to more than bats.

The Dead Tree Cave

In the Sevaida Woods stands a towering white weathered tree trunk with
a natural opening in it. This hole is linked to an underground cavern.
Just like the mysterious environment gave birth to this strange plant,
it also created other strange life-forms.

It was this cave, where Logar the hero fought the spider demon
Pirlanok. After Pirlanok was defeated, legend tells that he was
banished into the white trunk where he drinks the power of the forest
and awaits his resurrection.

The Barrow

The Barrow is an elevated place framed by stone columns. The slanted
remains of stone columns and great boulders lie about everywhere – just
like in the Crushed Plain.

This was the place were demons formerly performed their sacrificial
rituals. The ancient, monolithic stone formation is at its center. Even
though humans already settled in the Howling Mountains, for some reason
a group of goblins banded together to drive them out. Their surprise
attack was successful and the humans settled elsewhere.

The Barren Caves

Originally the Barren Caves were a breeding ground for demons in the
Howling Mountains. After the demon’s annihilation, the caves were
abandoned and are considered to be cursed. Normal people avoid them at
all costs.

But lately a group of nearby goblins started to move and claimed
ownership of this place. Nobody knows why they began to act all of a
sudden, but some suspect that they are looking for left-behind
treasures and magical objects, which were hidden by the demons – a
valid assumption considering their


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016