RuneScape 3: Garden of Kharid Guide

Welcome to this week's gaming guide. Today's article will discuss the new garden in Kharid. We're here to bring you all the latest information on the update, what we can expect, and all the great things to come from it! So, strap in, and let's explore what's on offer. 

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What's going on?

There have been reports of a strange garden appearing in Kharid. Polletix and Sydekix, the druids, have asked you to play detective on this one! Ensure your farming is up to par; you'll need to be at least level 50 to begin. There is plenty of opportunity to better your skills in the garden and through the tasks accompanying it.

What to do?

You will have to visit the garden north of Al-Kharid and access a new herb patch. When you do so, you will be able to encounter rewards, but we'll get into that shortly. 

You will need to focus on three skills, using them to progress and truly benefit from this update. Let's look at those three and explain why they'll be needed. 

Farming - Polletix and Sydekix will send you on an adventure throughout Gielinor. You will need to plant herbs and monitor their growth progress. The druids will reward you for this research by providing you with a new currency that can be spent in Polletix's reward shop. 

You may think this could become a rather time-consuming practice, which is why we're here to inform you of Plant Power. This new farming upgrade allows players to plant several seeds in the same patch. However, this does diminish the returns, but it is nonetheless exciting news for Herblore enthusiasts. 

Thieving - Despite the druids being as knowledgeable as they are, they could be better at keeping their pockets safe! This makes them perfect targets for those looking to thieve! In and around the Garden of Kharid, you will find two targets. The Crux Eqal Druid requires level 42 Thieving to pickpocket them, and the Crux Eqal Warrior needs level 83 Thieving. These levels may seem off-putting, but the XP rates you're rewarded with are well worth it.

Additionally, completing this is the only way to get your hands on the Catalytic and Elemental Anima Stones. You may be wondering what these are, and we'll gladly explain. However, it involves our next skill, so let's get to it.

Runecrafting - The power of Anima is in the hands of the Crux Eqal; why not get your share of the power? The Elemental and Catalytic Anima  Stones are now consumable items. When these items are carried, the number of Runes you can acquire from each Rune Essence is increased by 2. 

The Elemental Anima Stone increases the rune multiplier for Air, Water, Fire, and Earth Runes. 

The Catalytic Anima Stone increases the rune multiplier for Mind, Body, Chaos, Death, Blood, Nature, Cosmos, Law, Soul, Astral and Armadyl Runes.


As mentioned, a special currency is now available; the druids will grant you this for planting herbs across Gielinor. Depending on how many seeds you sow and the level required to plant them will determine the amount you will be gifted. You can also up your earnings by speaking with Polletix, and she will inform you of the herb of the day. 

Now, beyond the currency granted is what it can gain you. So, let's take a look at some of the things you can get your hands on: 

Permanent Unlocks

Plant Power

This comes in varying tiers, the price ascending as the benefits rise. 

Tier 1

Cost - 250 currency 

Allows two herb seeds to be planted in one patch. 


Tier 2 

Cost - 1250 currency 

Allows four herb seeds to be planted in one patch.


Tier 3 

Cost - 7500 currency 

Allows seven herb seeds to be planted in one patch. 


Tier 4 

Cost - 25000 currency 

Allows ten herb seeds to be planted in one patch. 


Speedy Growth 

Cost- 25000 currency 

Bypasses the first stages of growth in a herb patch. 


Bountiful Harvest 

Cost - 15000 currency 

Increases harvest from grapevines, bushes, cacti, and fruit trees. 


Farmers Outfit

Cost - 10000 currency 

Provides you with a random unowned piece of the Farmers Outfit. 



Cost - 35000 currency 

The number of ticks per craft for Incense Sticks decreases by 50% per incense. 


Everlasting Incense 

Cost - 35000 currency 

Death does not remove the effects of incense. 


Honorary Druid Title

Cost - 50000 currency 

A title to showcase your gardening expertise. 


Buckets All the Way Down.

Cost - 10000 currency 

You no longer require buckets to take compost from the Compost Bin.


Consumable Rewards 

Patch Bombs 

Cost - 5000 currency 

Harvests the patch it is used on instantly. 


Supreme Growth Potion (Sundry)

Cost - 7500 currency 

Can fully grow hops, allotments, and evil turnip patches almost instantly. 


Supreme Growth Potion (Leafy)

Cost - 7500 currency 

Can fully grow any herb, flower, cactus, vibe, and nightshade patch almost instantly. 


Supreme Growth Potion (Bushy)

Cost - 9000 currency 

Can fully grow any bush patches, including the one at Herblore Habitat, almost instantly:


Supreme Growth Potion (Fruity) 

Cost - 18000 currency

Can fully grow any fruit and calquat tree almost instantly.


Supreme Growth Potion (Woody)

Cost - 30000 currency 

Can fully grow any wood, spirit, and elder tree patches almost instantly.


Sand Seed

Cost - 1000 currency 

This item teleports you to the Garden of Kharid - directly to Polletix and Sydekix. 


Thanks for Coming! 


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Last Updated: Mar 08, 2023