Bringing the MMO to RTS

A few weeks ago, Wahoo Studios broke the news that they were creating an MMORTS by the name of Saga. At Strategy Informer, they've published a new interview with one of Saga's creators, Jason Faller. In the interview, Faller discusses the rise of the MMORTS and the eventual decline of the standard RTS, along with the development of his game.

“I'm not worried about the MMORTS genre. It's in the mail and when it arrives, everyone will say, ‘Of course, it's obvious’. The failures of others have just taught us what to avoid. I think it's ready. As to whether we'll be the ones to break it wide open, we shall see. Early indications are very positive. We're all pretty excited down here.”

Reading the whole interview is easy! Just go here!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016