Salem is one of the freshest concepts we’ve seen come to the MMORPG this side of 2010. It’s also a study in contrasts – Puritans meets the black arts, a familiar New England meets a fantastical past steeped in folklore and Native American influence, and a lighthearted style meets truly hardcore game concepts. Join Ten Ton Hammer for an early preview of Salem : Puritans, Permadeath, and Open PvP in a Fantastical New England.

Magic will likewise be in the game – it wouldn’t be Salem without witchcraft – but Bjorn explained that magic won’t be overt, if no less creepy. “Players won’t be casting fireballs at each other,” Bjorn noted. “It’s impact will be far more subtle, like turning your neighbor’s cow’s milk to blood.” Such actions will undoubtedly have socio-economic impact.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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