Sam Hulick wrote and composed some of the best and most emotional music for the Mass Effect trilogy. MSNBC recently spoke with Hulick about his work on Mass Effect 3, the final installment of what I like to call the Shepard trilogy. Hulick talked about his work on the project and some of his favorite pieces composed for the project and how the performances of the voice actors helped inspire the musical direction for the scenes.

Hulick created or helped create some of the more emotional music for Mass Effect 3 such as “I’m Proud of You”, “An End Once and For All", and “I Was Lost Without You” and several others. In my opinion, Hulick’s music for Mass Effect 3 is some of the best in the gaming industry, and brought a strong emotional element that fit their given scenes well.

Check out the video interview via the embed below and visit Hulick’s website to learn more about the composer and his work.

Mass Effect 3's next, and most likely final, single player DLC is currently in development. Details about the DLC will possibly be revealed around mid-February according to BioWare community man Chris Priestly.

We're not likely to be talking much about the next DLC till around the middle of next month when the content is better locked. Obviously that could change and be a little earlier or later, but as a rough guideline, mid-Feb or so.

Source: MSNBC

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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