Silkroad Online might be set in the 7th century but don't believe for a second it won't give you a modern day beating if you aren't careful. Promoting a three pronged faction system it brings PvP to medley of destruction and mayhem. Ten Ton Hammer had the opportunity to take a look at their newest dungeon and it lives up to the Silkroad tradition with a maze, difficult creatures, and epic encounters.

So who has this content been built for? From what Rob and Dennis say, groups of seasoned players and those not faint of heart will get the most out of these areas. Of course while you might survive alone or be able to sneak around with rogue-like skills, the PvP nature of Silkroad Online will certainly catch up to you. There is more to this area than just senseless slaughter however, as more than 40 quests become available that should provide plenty to do. Some are as simple as killing X number of creatures but others involve activating a complex boss encounter, like the one I saw of a giant statue. Either way dozens of hours of content were promised as you'd need to make multiple visits to this dungeon.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016