Sony Online Entertainment recently introduced a new feature to its
popular target="_blank">EverQuest
series stirring mixed feelings and strong emotions
within the gaming community. The RMT or "Real Money Transfer" came
without warning, but as it is now being reported - this was only the
jagged tip of the iceberg.

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"This Mr. T
bobblehead went for two hundred plat on SoEbay."

Announcing that the RMT was merely "stage one", an introduction point
implemented in order to cushion the blow of oncoming change, SOE has
unveiled the complete scope of the product today as it launched its new
RMT exchange site:


By bringing EverQuest's
in-game auction system into the real world,
players will now be able to buy, sell, and bid on items that were up
until recently unavailable to any but the most dedicated gamer. But it
doesn't stop there; in effort to compete with third party game currency
vendors, soeBay will also offer currency, levels, and completely
end-game characters decked out in the best "high end" gear available.

All for an extremely reasonable, and more importantly - negotiable

Accepting both PayPal, and a revolutionary new item exchange process
in which players will be able trade real life items for in game items
and currency, soeBay is expected to give the garage sale fodder giant
"regular eBay" a run for their money.

"Sure, you could sell your crap on that other "bay" site, but why
bother?" Asks an SOE official who wishes to remain anonymous. "You're
just going to be giving it back to us anyway. This way we cut out the
middle man and turn your worthless knickknacks into the levels and
experience that you want." He chuckled, holding up a "Mr. T" bobble
head figure, still in its original packaging.

"See this bobble head? It went for two hundred plat and an Epic Mount
this morning. I pity da foo that doesn't use soeBay." The executive
laughed, happily showcasing the collectable.

In effort to compete with this new and innovative marketing approach,
Rival MMO gaming powerhouse Blizzard, (upon learning that there was
still something else of value that it could squeeze from its players)
plans on launching its own version of the auction site later this month.

Until then SOE will continue to enjoy a strong lead in the apparent
race to strip its players of everything that they once loved, both in
game and out.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016