Stargate Worlds adding galleries and being starstruck.

With four new images added to the conceptual art gallery, SGW is really pulling out the stops showing off some weaponry and the ever-popular scenery. Check out the information and pictures at the Stargate Worlds Gallery.

Apparently we're not the only ones checking in on the progress of SGW, Christopher Judge (actor playing Teal'c) stopped by this week to meet the team and check out what is happening with the game. Self-confessed gamer, Christopher seems to have smitten the SGW dev team. From the quotes around the studio:

"So yeah. I wouldn't have thought I was the type to get embarrassed and feel like a blushing teenage girl (no offense to blushing teenage girls) when meeting a star like Christopher Judge but apparently I totally am."

"I thought he was pretty awesome, and just a down to earth guy who is fun to be around."

"He was inquisitive, encouraging, and laughed a lot. You got the sense that he was genuine and really enjoyed not just what he does, but what we are doing."

"Our Jaffa Jim P. is taller then SG-1's Jaffa."

"He's a super nice guy and seems SUPER excited about the game... he was very interested in what everyone had to say and show."

"He really brought a feeling of camaraderie everywhere he went, his genuine personality really made him feel like a part of the team."

"Man has style!"

They also grabbed a camera and got some photos with the star. Head over to yet another SGW Gallery and check out Teal'c in real life. This is one of those days when I would like to kick my guidance counselor that laughed when I tried to explain why I wanted to be a game developer. Darn you, I could have met Teal'c!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016