Avatars of unusual size need not apply.

Stargate Worlds is offering a chance for those us with creativity to get their avatar in lights. You need to create an avatar you must register and post within the SGW forums, yes that is pretty much it. At the end of the month, those with the best delivery will find their custom created avatars as some of the selectable avatars for the forums. And there always has to be rules:

"Here are some rules:

1. Images must be original creations.
2. By entering the challenge you agree to allow the SGW Forums to use the avatar images / own them.
3. Images should have a Stargate Worlds feel to it.
4. Minimum of 10 entries, maximum of 30 per entrant.
5. Judges (Moderators) will choose 5 finalists after which a public Poll decides one final winner.
6. Images must be hosted by creator and posted in this thread for judges to view.
7. Images can only be up to 100x100 pixels in size and a maximum of 25KB in filesize.
8. Contest ends on September 30th 11:59PM PST.
9. Rules may be changed during the contest."

Head over the the SGW forums and get crackin'!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016