Stargate Worlds' Chris Klug on weapons, content, PvP, vehicles, and more.

Chris Klug stopped in to chat with the gang at Gamespot and left them with some nifty screenshots and even some gameplay video that shows off the cover system but more importantly it shows the machine guns and flamethrower (I gotta get me one of them). After the eye candy, the interview does disclose a few details such as the first content:

"The first episode will involve the new world Meridian, where the player has to rescue an important person and battle the big bad's new allies. It is a world where many secrets about both the game and the show will be revealed. As for things from the TV series, much of what we're planning in that sphere is related to their new series, Universe. "

In addition to discussing the cover system, Jay Ambrosini of the Firesky team takes the lead and walks through each of the weapon types. The list is impressive and that is only including the Goa'uld weapons. In the interview we also find out (or confirm) that there will not be any vehicles in the game, but all of the show's main characters will appear in the game. Last but not least, the topic on everyone's short list is PvP, and yes Stargate Worlds will incorporate PvP, but not until it fits the storyline:

"Understand that Stargate Worlds is a story-driven game, meaning that the game's story frames everything we do. So the big PvP push (which comes slightly after we launch) is set up by the Jaffa Civil War storyline. We're doing this so that other people besides the typical PvPer will be enticed into enjoying our PvP content. There will be missions, and new worlds, and new system enhancements, and new crafting enhancements, all tied in with PvP. If you've seen the cover art we're using, a female Jaffa, she relates to the Jaffa Civil war. Delaying full PvP--until slightly after launch--gives us the opportunity to see how PvP works on our PvP-enabled servers."

Check out the rest of the interview and the eye candy at Gamespot.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016