One if by gate, Two if by Pyramid Spaceship?

If you're a good fan of the movie Stargate, or any of it's spin-off television series or books, you've probably heard about the development of Stargate Worlds. While it's not a game meant to appeal to everyone, they certainly know who their fan base is, and that the fan base won't tolarate any mistakes. So when they have their open beta "just before launch" early next year, they know they can't do what some other companies may have gotten away with.

He added: "Age of Conan, I mean they had a miracle patch at launch. I tried their open beta and I was like, 'oh! What is this?!' But then they launched the game. I want to be able to go out there with open beta as like a great way to market the game and for people to play it and have a positive experience that they want to now go buy the game."

Stargate Worlds is expected early next year. A closed beta is scheduled to begin for the next couple of weeks.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016