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New Worlds Await Play
Testers in MMO Based on Stargate License

MESA, Ariz. –
Oct. 2, 2008
– The wait is almost over for the
legions of Stargate and MMO fans waiting to experience the Stargate
Worlds Closed Beta test. The gate opens Oct. 15 for the first group of

Stargate fans can pick up their assault rifles and join Op-CORE as they
take their first steps in Stargate Worlds. Beta sign ups are live at
register.stargateworlds.com/Registration/. More testers will be invited
to sign up over time, so it’s not too late to put your name
in the selection pool.

“From now until launch, everything we do is about polish and
fun,” said Stargate Worlds Studio Head Dan Elggren.
“We’ve laid a great foundation for the beta testers
and their feedback is a vital part of the game development

In Stargate Worlds, gamers:

  • Feel the heat - Master the battlefield using modern tactics
    and  firepower
  • Travel instantly - Dial up the Stargate to explore dozens
    of worlds from ancient civilizations to high tech planets
  • Team up  - Battle devious and powerful enemies
    with your friends
  • Find the new you - Pick from seven archetypes with unique
    skills and styles
  • Don’t fight it – Simulate translation,
    repair and sabotage with Minigames as your buddies battle it out
  • Advance with the story – New story, missions,
    weapons and loot delivered regularly

Stargate Worlds is scheduled for an early 2009 launch. The game is
based on Stargate SG-1, the longest running science fiction series in
U.S. history, and Stargate Atlantis from MGM. For more information,
visit www.StargateWorlds.com.

New Stargate

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