Nearly a year has passed since Aion floated onto the North American scene and during that year the game has experienced plenty of highs and lows. While many players have wandered over to greener pastures due to many of the problems that Aion experienced at launch, NCsoft has been hard at work creating a dangling carrot that is hard to ignore.

Have the changes over the past year made the free expansion, Assault on Balaurea, more appealing? Savanja has been in game checking things out and has put together her own "State of Aion" to share which problems have been fixed and which still linger.

One of the biggest complaints in Aion had been the huge influx of gold salesmen pimping their black market wares in busy areas and hogging prime hunting locations for farming. The good news is, I’m standing in Sanctum right now near the Hall of Prosperity and there is not one seller up offering gold. I have also been in game about a week and have yet to receive a poorly written whisper offering gold or telling me that my account has been banned...

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016