I guess the game isn't Baroque-en.

The team at MMORPG.com have put together a little review on the recently released MMORPG, Sword of the New World, which features the unique multi-character control system. The writer at MMORPG.com was generally positive about the game and settled for a "Good" recommendation. Here's a chunk:

While I didn't see too many people roleplaying, the potential is definitely there. I was a little surprised not to find many players talking in-character or role-playing with one another. The game's official role-play forum is one of the busiest they have. I do think that those gamers who enjoy role-play can very easily find a home for themselves in Sword of the New World. The beautiful scenery, stunning costumes, and the setting of 17th century Europe just begs for role-players to come aboard and delve into what it has to offer.

Read the whole review here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016