Can you really believe it has already been 9 months since the release of Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa? It was late last year that our war with the Bane exploded into our cities, causing millions to flee through the strange wormholes. Players that are still here fighting the enemy, without rest, are being rewarded for their efforts. NCsoft has begun sending out a few gifts to mark the occasion.

Grizzled veterans know the ins and outs of hiding from the enemy, and sneaking up for the attack. "The Shadow" title is rewarded as special acknowledgement of their experience on the battlefields.

No longer do soldiers need to fear the darkened caverns and tunnels in the world. A new Headset Light will brighten the path. A small flashlight worn on an ear piece, the Headset points a small spotlight in the direction the player looks. It's not enough to illluminate a room, but enough to keep the road ahead easier to see.

So you never have to travel alone, a new Purple Lumin pet will always fly by your side. This pet doesn't help fight the Bane, but her fairy-dust trail can liven up any party.

If you find yourself stuck in a leveling slump, crack open one of your trusty Experience Boosters. For 30 minutes you will gain 50% more experience from kills and missions. Warning: these guys could be habit forming, available by prescription only, illegal if obtained from an unlicensed physician.

Finally, to help reduce the stress of a long day at war, a new set of calming exercises is being taught to soldiers. The new /taichi emote takes players through the flowing movements that help to facilitate a meditative state. Just remember to holster your pistol first.

New Tabula Rasa Nine Month Veteran Rewards:

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016