It was a running joke for many of us who played, but who would have thought the AFS Mechs would finally make it in? According to the patch notes for deployment 16, that is exactly what you can expect to see. New armor sets, bug fixes, and so much more is in, it's hard to believe this game will shut down in just a few weeks.

Maps and Missions

* Responding to unspecified intelligence, AFS Construction personnel have expanded the CELLAR Arena in preparation for imminent Bane hostilities. Recruits will find that these areas currently have restricted access.
* Edmund Range Training Grounds has been enlarged, and newly available combat technology has been made available to recruits there.
* Two depots were added... one in front of each team. They do not contribute to scoring but supply the owning team with Giant Robots.
* All AFS buildings and structures have updated new looks

Game Mechanics

* Added various mechs: AFS Mech, Orson, Angel, Vulcan, and Grendel.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016