How will patch 9.15 play out?  Here are our thoughts. 

Best Strategies for Patch 9.15 (Teamfight Tactics)

Updated August 4, 2019

In no particular order.  These all work well in Platinum and above. 


Brawlers + Assassins / Sorcerers

The 4+ Brawlers you choose should have Cho'gath and surprinsgly Warwick (since Rengar is Wild). 

Cho, Rengar or Akali can all carry.   An attack speed item on Rengar is beastly.  Seraph should be placed on Akali.   You want Cho'gath to live if he is your carry, so survivability items along with a Morellonomicon (buffs his ult) are great choices. 


You can run either 3 or 6.  If you go with three then Guardians or Brawlers are the preferred "tanks".  

Rengar and Akali are the most commonly used assassins.  If you use Rengar then Warwick is a good tank choice as it gives you the Wild buff.  You have lots of options including using Kha'zix and going for 3 Assassin and 3 Void. 


You have lots of options here.  It's hard to mess up Rangers.  

Varus or Ashe will be your carry so itemize them accordingly.  I prefer Varus.    Statik Shiv is a great item as is anything that increases attack speed. 

4 Brawlers + 4 Rangers is scary.  That said, if they can get to your backline it can be over in a hurry. 

This guide to Rangers by Tiaan (Challenger) is brilliant.  As he says, it won't give you a lot of first place finishes, but you should almost always finish in the top half of the field.

The typical Ranger composition will become even stronger given that Guardians got a big buff. 

I'm not a huge Mordekaiser fan.  In fact, in the Tier List I have him very low, but he works well beside Kindred in this comp.  

The Guardian buff is HUGE here.  I like the double-buff on Ashe and Mordekaiser, but you can rearrange to suit your tastes. 

Ashe (alternatively Varus) is your carry.  Stack them with Shivs and if needed a Red Buff.  

An alternative composition includes Glacials.   I prefer it, but it can't be forced as easily as the composition shown above. 



The dragons got a minor nerf, but Shyvana is still a powerhouse and with the Guardian buff (doubled) she's truly a monster to deal with.    Give her Thornmail and a Warmog and she's almost indestructible. 

Aurelion Sol is required to give her the magic resistance buff, while Nidalee and Gnar give her the Shapeshifter buff and compliment each other with Wild.    Build out the final one or two slots with Sorcerers if you can, but another Glacial doesn't hurt if that is what is available. 


Other Options 

Other Brawler compositions, Gunslingers and Draven compositions are also strong.  



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Last Updated: Aug 04, 2019

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